Chongqing officials let their daughters recognize businessmen as godfathers and once bought and sold officials.

 Chongqing officials let their daughters recognize businessmen as godfathers and once bought and sold officials.

Recently, the Peoples Procuratorates Case Information Open Network published an indictment of A Bribery and Bribery Case of Deng Mou, which disclosed that Hong Chengyi, former deputy secretary of the Wanzhou District Committee of Chongqing, had bought officials and sold officials.

According to the indictment: Deng Mou was the deputy manager and manager of Chongqing Wanzhou City Construction Comprehensive Development Company and the deputy general manager of Chongqing Wanzhou Three Gorges Pinghu Co., Ltd. From March to November 2017, Deng Momou bribed Hong Momou twice for promotion and adjustment of his position by bribing him 70,000 yuan.

The first one is in the reorganization of Wanzhou District in 2017. In order to get the care and help of Hongmoumou, then the organizational Minister of Wanzhou District Committee, Deng sought an ideal position, in March 2017, he gave Hongmou 50,000 yuan in his office in Wanzhou District Committee.

The second time was in November 2017, Deng Mou-mou was informed that the Wanzhou District Committee will start the reform of state-owned enterprises. In order to get the attention of Hong Mou-mou, then deputy secretary of the Wanzhou District Committee, the defendant Deng Mou-mou sought an ideal position. In Hongmous office in the Wanzhou District Committee, he gave Hongmou 20,000 yuan.

New Beijing News reporter noted that a senior executive of Chongqing Wanzhou Three Gorges Pinghu Co., Ltd., Deng Mou, is the main body of state-owned investment in urban infrastructure construction and asset operation in Wanzhou District, mainly engaged in municipal infrastructure construction and land consolidation in Wanzhou District.

The indictment did not reveal the name of Hong Mou, a bribery target of Deng Mou. According to public information, Hong Chengyi, the official of Chongqing Loma Hall, served as the organizational Minister of Chongqing Wanzhou District Committee and vice secretary of Chongqing Wanzhou District Committee respectively when the above two briberies happened.

Born in November 1965, Hong Chengyi worked in Xiushan Autonomous County of Sichuan Province and Qianjiang Prefectural Committee of Sichuan Province (now Qianjiang District of Chongqing). In 1999, he joined the Organizational Department of Chongqing Municipal Party Committee and was transferred to the Standing Committee and Minister of the Organizational Department of Wanzhou District Committee in 2001. In July 2017, he was transferred to the Deputy Secretary of the Wanzhou District Committee.

In May 2018, Hong Chengyi was announced to investigate. Four months later, he was prosecuted in September 2018. The prosecution accused Hong Chengyi, the defendant, of taking advantage of his position as Minister of Organizational Department of the Chongqing Wanzhou District Committee of the Communist Party of China and Deputy Secretary of the Chongqing Wanzhou District Committee of the Communist Party of China, to execute law enforcement and adjust his work for others in environmental protection from 2012 to 2018. If the amount of property given by others is huge, the criminal responsibility of bribery should be investigated according to law.

It is worth noting that on October 14, last year, the website of the State Supervision Committee of the Central Discipline Commission published Dry Parent Circle, Wechat Circle, Home Town Circle, Wine Tasting Circle... Enthusiastically engaged in small circles, one day something will happen, which regards Hong Chengyi as a typical case ofdry family circle.

According to the article, Hong Chengyi is keen on the circle culture. He is working relatives with Liu Qun, chairman of Tiansheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. to let his daughter recognize Liu Qun as godfather and accept the benefits of godfather with ease: Liu Qun often accompanies goddaughter and Hongs wife to shopping malls to buy high-end goods, and gives them directly when goddaughter travels abroad. Credit cards let them squander.

Hong Chengyi also indulged Liu Qun to intervene in his family affairs, not only directly let him organize birthday banquets for himself, but also took Liu Qun back to Xiushan during the Spring Festival every year to send red envelopes and New Years money to his relatives and friends, which gradually reduced him to prey.

After the relationship is in place, Hong Chengyi has no principle and no bottom line to support Liu Quns sedan chair, trumpet blowing and platform, while Liu Qun, under the banner ofrelatives, intervenes in organizing personnel by taking advantage of Hong Chengyis power and convenience, and enters some public hospitals in Wanzhou to realize his own interests and demands. According to the article.

Source: Gu Yunting_NBJS8499, responsible editor of Beijing News