Teacher-in-charge beats junior middle school studentsBureau of education and sports with books: orders no longer to hire

 Teacher-in-charge beats junior middle school studentsBureau of education and sports with books: orders no longer to hire

Recently, Yang Shoumei, head teacher of No. 2 Middle School in Wulian County, Rizhao City, Shandong Province, caused a catastrophe to herself by playing truant and beating students with textbooks. In addition to the punishment given by the school, the countys Education and Sports Bureau also notified that the performance salary was deducted and the school was instructed not to hire any more teachers and that the teacher was included in the credit blacklist.

On the afternoon of July 10, upstream journalists called Principal Ding Xijian of No. 2 Middle School of Wulian and Director Han Zhongjie of Education and Sports Bureau of Wulian County. The calls were hung up and no reply was received.

_Wulian County Bureau of Education and Sports notified that the school was ordered to stop employing the teacher and put it on the credit blacklist.

The head teacher was dismissed for beating students with books

The decision of Wulian No. 2 Middle School of upstream journalists about YangShoumeis corporal punishment students shows that in the second class on April 29, 2019, class 3 students of grade 2016, Li Moumou and Wang Moumou, played truant on the playground. Teacher Yang called back two truant students and beat them with textbooks.

According to the Second Middle School of Wulian County, Yang Shoumei, as a teacher, punished students privately and violated the relevant regulations. Five suggestions were given: 1. suspending Yang Shoumei for one month; 2. instructing Yang Shoumei to apologize to the students and parents concerned and make a deep inspection in writing to the school; 3. canceling Yang Shoumeis priority tree in 2019. Qualified, the annual assessment of teachersethics is unqualified; 4. Give Yang Shoumei inner-party warning punishment, administrative record punishment (12 months); 5. Ask Yang Shoumei to bear the reasonable expenses of Li Wenqings diagnosis and treatment.

In addition, Principal Ding Xijian has the main responsibility for school management, and is obliged to make a deep inspection at the school office meeting and deduct the salary of the principal grade for one quarter. The processing decision was issued on May 5, 2019.

On July 2, the Education and Sports Bureau of Wulian County also issued a circular on the treatment of Yang Shoumeis corporal punishment of students in No. 2 Middle School of Wulian County. The circular shows that, in order to improve and standardize teachersteaching behavior, after the study of the General Office of the Director General and on the basis of school treatment, the following suggestions are made: 1. Deduction of the rewarding performance salary of Yang Shoumei from May 2019 to April 2020; 2. Obligation of Wulian No. 2 Middle School to sign the Employment Contract with Yang Shoumei in Shandong Public Institutions in the new school year of 2019 Tong; 3. Put the field guard plum on the blacklist of Wulian County Credit Information Evaluation System since July 2019.

The above-mentioned briefing also said that in order to further strengthen the education of teachersmorality and style, the vast majority of teachers and staff should learn from it, keep the bottom line and not touch the red line. The County Education and Sports Bureau has maintained the high-pressure situation of punishing students with corporal punishment and disguised corporal punishment. Once verified, it has been dealt with seriously and put into the blacklist of the county credit information evaluation system.

_The official micro-signal of No. 2 Middle School of Wulian has published the manuscript of Love, Nurture Peach and Li, Wisdom and Write Life to publicize Mr. Yang Shoumei. Webpage Screenshot

Retired teachers have been commended many times

Upstream journalists consulted relevant information in the official Weixin No. 2 Middle School of Wulian County, and found that Yang Shoumei had won the schools Top Ten Stars for Building Achievements and the 6S model class glorious plaque issued by the Education Bureau of Wulian County.

In addition, in 2017, the official micro-signal of Wulian No. 2 Middle School published the manuscript Love, Nurture Peaches and Plums? Wisdom, Write Life, which mainly publicizes Mr. Yang Shoumei. At present, this article has been deleted.

According to Qilu Evening News, a student who had taught Yang Shoumei before said that he remembered an exam in which a classmate fainted. After calling 120, Mr. Yang carried the classmate out of the exam room and waited for an ambulance to arrive. Everyone did not expect that the thin teacher Yang should have such great strength.

Is there any basis for the decision to dismiss Mr. Yang Shoumei? Is there a heavy penalty? On the afternoon of July 10, upstream journalists called Ding Xijian, principal of No. 2 Middle School of Wulian County, and Han Zhongjie, director of the Education Bureau of Wulian County. Both of them hung up the reporters and sent no reply to their messages.

Teachers regret beating students for slightly injuring them

Upstream news from Wulian County government insiders learned that the incident has attracted the attention of the local county Party committee and county government, and is expected to release more details later today or tomorrow.

The person also disclosed that the beaten students were considered slightly injured by the public security. Mr. Yang Shoumei expressed regret for beating students, but did not say whether the punishment was severe or not.

In addition, the parents of the beaten students demanded compensation but did not indicate the amount of compensation.

Some netizens call the punishment too heavy

Upstream journalists found that the incident caused a heated discussion among netizens, many of whom said that the punishment was too heavy.

Netizens long way to life think that students do not obey, teachers can not control it? How carefree the teacher is for the students who study hard. Feeling unfair for the teacher.

Netizens Yue said that this is a fair and reasonable mother-in-law is reasonable topic, it is difficult to generalize. He personally believes that Mr. Yang himself is trying to punish students for stopping truancy. From this point of view, the punishment of the Bureau of Education and Sports is biased.

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