The key to not throw the pot to give sugar is to form good habits.

 The key to not throw the pot to give sugar is to form good habits.

Time is an important factor in the occurrence of insect teeth. Studies have shown that within two minutes of eating sugary foods, the acidity of the biofilm can rise to a soluble level. Saliva neutralizes the acidity within half an hour to two hours, stopping it from dissolving and even reducing the initial caries. However, if the frequency of eating sugary foods is too frequent, saliva will not be sufficient. Intermediate neutralization of acid, the initial caries can not be reduced, caries will only become more and more serious, and eventually will form irreversible insect teeth.

The doctor reminds us that the best way to eat sweet food is to brush your teeth and gargle in time before or during meals, develop good oral hygiene habits and visit the dentist regularly. This can not only satisfy the temptation of childrens sweet food, make them happy, but also help them understand how to love their teeth and protect their teeth.

Thus, if oral hygiene maintenance is not in place, or the best time to eat sweets is neglected, eating sugar will definitely increase the probability of wormtooth, but not all wormtooth must be caused by eating sugar. All foods that break down sugar, including the usual three meals a day and cereals, can cause worm teeth. Therefore, it is wise to brush and rinse teeth regularly so that there is not too much food and sugar on the surface of teeth, so as to effectively prevent insect teeth.

Parents must brush their teeth in person

Source: Geng Yiwen_NJ6040, responsible editor of Beijing News