Selling a car costs at least 20,000 yuan! Many Beiqi Yinxiang dealers assemble to collect debts

 Selling a car costs at least 20,000 yuan! Many Beiqi Yinxiang dealers assemble to collect debts

On the last day of June, it was supposed to be the day when some dealers of Beiqi Yinxiang received the second arrears. But up to now, the arrears have not appeared. The anxious waiting distributor decided to go to the headquarters of Beiqi Group to collect the arrears.

We just want to get the arrears. Why dont Beiqi let us in? A Beijing Auto Yinxiang dealer from Jiangsu reluctantly told Daily Economic News that the dealers who came to ask for the arrears came from Guizhou, Yunnan and other places, while other Beijing Auto Fantasy dealers were coming in succession.

On the morning of July 9, a reporter at the Beijing Automobile Industry Research and Development Base in Shunyi, Beijing, saw that more than 30 Beiqi Yinxiang dealers had gathered in the square in front of the building. It was not until midday that Beiqi Group agreed to elect representatives to negotiate. However, under the pretext of waiting for the leaders of Chongqing and Hechuan to solve the problem, the two sides quickly concluded the negotiations.

We have been waiting at the headquarters of Beiqi Group. Now the leaders of Chongqing have come and we are in the process of the second negotiation. On July 10, a representative of Beiqi Yinxiang dealer told reporters that Li Ling-ri, chairman and legal representative of Beiqi Yinxiang, reappeared in the first round of talks between the two sides, and his attitude was not as fierce as that of the talks between the two sides in April.

Behind the fact that the dealers went to the headquarters of Beiqi Group to ask for the arrears, there was a pending reorganization of Beiqi Yinxiang. The above-mentioned representative of Beiqi Yinxiang dealer told reporters: Unlike the previous restructuring plan, this time Beiqi Group is likely to increase its shareholding ratio to more than 40%.

Late second instalment of arrears

As early as the end of April this year, nearly 100 Beiqi Yinxiang dealers had gathered at the entrance of Beiqi Group headquarters. They said that since 2018, some Beiqi Yinxiang dealers had not mentioned the car after paying the car purchase money in advance to Beiqi Yinxiang. They asked Beiqi Group to repay the car purchase money of Beiqi Yinxiang dealers, compensate for economic losses, and properly handle the sold cars. Vehicle after-sales problems, etc.

At that time, Beiqi Yinxiang dealers had signed a framework agreement on this matter with Beiqi, agreeing that the first arrears were 20% of the total amount owed, of which 8% were returned in cash, and the other 12% were deducted by vehicles.

Since last year, Chinas automobile market has experienced its first negative growth in 28 years, which makes life more difficult for some independent automobile companies with relatively weak brand power and product strength.

Selling a car costs at least 20,000 yuan

In addition, another dealer reported to reporters that at present, the terminal transaction price of Beiqi Fantasy Vehicle is 4-5% of the market guidance price, while the enterprises car price to dealers is 9% of the market guidance price.

Liquidity is as important to dealers as blood. Dealers who get the first arrears are still struggling to survive.

Reporters learned from a number of Beiqi Yinxiang dealers that, in general, Beiqi Fangshi 4S stores, shop salesmen and after-sales maintenance personnel together nearly 20 people, a shop cost about 100,000 yuan a month, selling cars at a loss, no door to debt collection, dealer pressure can be imagined, and the cost of each month input. It also made the 100,000 yuan a net monthly loss.

Production has not been restored, the factory is still in a state of shutdown, and BAIC Yinxiang has also communicated with distributors about the forthcoming reorganization. A distributor of Beiqi Yinxiang told Daily Economic News.

Beiqis share-holding ratio may be raised to more than 40%.

The restructuring is still under discussion, and the share-holding ratio of Beiqi Group is likely to rise further to between 41% and 47%. The above representative of Beiqi Yinxiang dealer disclosed to Daily Economic News.

If the share-holding ratio of Beiqi Group is raised to more than 40%, then the shares held by Yinxiang Group will be reduced. Chongqing Yinxiang Trading Co., Ltd. holdings may be reduced to 10%. The above-mentioned Beijing Auto Yinxiang dealer representative told reporters. Prior to this, the reporter learned that after the restructuring of Beiqi Yinxiang, the proportion of shares held by Beiqi Group will be increased, Yinxiang Department will no longer hold shares.

The loneliness and fading out of Yinxiang Department is closely related to its management predicament. In the view of many dealers, the fall of BAIC Yinxiang is ultimately due to Yinxiangs problems.

According to the above-mentioned dealer of Jiangsu Beiqi Yinxiang, it said, Beiqi Yinxiang owes not only hundreds of dealers for car purchases, but also billions of dollars to spare parts suppliers. In addition, the first arrears to distributors were also the real estate mortgage of Yinxiang, which brought back 30 million yuan. The distributor told reporters that the repayment process of the first arrears was completed under the supervision of the Hechuan District Government in Chongqing.

Reporters learned that on July 9, in the first negotiation between Beiqi Yinxiang dealers and Beiqi Group, Beiqi Group said that the relevant leaders of Hechuan District were present before they could start negotiations again. According to the above-mentioned representatives of Beiqi Yinxiang dealers, before that, representatives of Beiqi Yinxiang dealers had gone to Chongqing to communicate with relevant leaders in Hechuan District, who said that the reorganization results would be announced by the first week of July at the latest.

From now on, the delayed reorganization results have become the key point to solve the problems surrounding Beiqi Yinxiang. With the gradual clarity of ownership structure, the restructuring plan of Beiqi Yinxiang is on the way.

Source: Daily Economic News Responsible Editor: Wang Xiaowu_NF