Chinese tourist consulate urges police to find out the truth in the case of fish bombing in Malaysia

 Chinese tourist consulate urges police to find out the truth in the case of fish bombing in Malaysia

BEIJING, July 10 (Xinhua) -- According to the public number Wechat, the Consulate General in Kota Kinabalu immediately launched an emergency consular protection mechanism after two Chinese tourists were killed in a suspected fish explosion diving near Senbana on July 5. The follow-up progress is as follows:

1. On that day, after confirming the identity of the victims, the relevant departments were notified overnight to assist the families of the victims to get their passports and visas urgently on July 6 and arrive at Douhu on July 7.

2. The Consulate General has always maintained telephone contact with the families of the victims, arranged consular volunteers to assist the families of the victims in arranging their transportation, accommodation and meals in Douhu and Xianbana, and arranged special persons to provide assistance on the spot; assisted the families to contact local hospitals, police stations and other departments to recover the bodies and remains of the victims; and provided laws to the families. The list of divisions to deal with the subsequent legal affairs; consular officers were sent to Douhu to provide assistance to their families.

Since July 5, the Consulate-General has communicated and negotiated with officials of the Tourism Bureau of Sabah Prefecture on the post-treatment work for many times. The Tourism Bureau has sent representatives to Douhu to meet with their families. At the same time, contact the Sabah State Police Station and the Senbena Police Station to find out the progress of the case, and urge the police to find out and publish the truth as soon as possible.

4. On the merits, according to local reports, the case is still under investigation, but debris of earth-made bombs has been found in the accident area, serious damage to the dive equipment of the victims, a large number of dead fish in the vicinity, and serious damage to the coral reefs on the seabed. The captain and crew of the cruise ship on which the victims were travelling have been detained for interrogation.

Illegal fish-frying in Malaysia has killed two Chinese divers

Malaysias Minister of Tourism, Art and Culture, Mohammadin, issued a document on the evening of May 5, saying that according to the report of Omar, the police chief of Sabah, illegal fish-frying activities in the sea area of Senbana that day resulted in the death of at least five people, including Chinese tourists. Mohammadin expressed his deep condolences to the families of the victims and said that the Ministry of Tourism was awaiting detailed reports from the police and must ensure that the same tragedy would not happen again in the future. Mohammadin also condemned illegal fish-frying in the waters near Senbana, criticizing the activities not only harmful to tourism but also destroying the ecosystem.