A Middle-aged Womans Narration: I cant afford the price of divorce

 A Middle-aged Womans Narration: I cant afford the price of divorce

DY and her husband are acquainted with each other. Not many times. When they are old, they almost match each other and get married. At the beginning, its OK. But when her daughter was two years old, because of a trifle, her husband started to do something to her. We all thought she would get divorced because of this. Who knows she was expecting a second child soon?

Shortly after the birth of their second child, they often quarreled with each other, and their husbands attitude was to avoid seeing each other, often in the cold war. Thats all. You should have divorced long ago. They all said.

DY shook his head and sighed, telling the reason why he didnt divorce...

Three Realistic Difficulties of Undivorcable Marriage

She has two children and has resigned for some time in order to take them with her. Both babies are still very small, and the younger ones are still feeding and cant shake hands.

After the divorce, their expenses and nurturing tasks are heavy burdens, and they all have to be burdened on her. This is a great pressure that she cant cope with alone.

DYs third reason is, Now that you are disappointed in marriage, a man is much the same.

She said that marriage is bundling. Even if you like chocolate and ask you to eat enough chocolate every day, can you still like chocolate? Marriage is such a system. You are bound together, and this setting itself will destroy all feelings. In theory, if a man is tied up, the result may be almost the same.

My God, its unfortunate that a philosopher came out of a marriage. The three relationships mentioned by DY, an ordinary housewife, are so bad that I cant refute the reasons for not divorcing.

She pointed out the three essential functions of modern marriage: cooperative nurturing, private property ownership and one-to-one bonding of security. For modern people, which one they lost is a heavy blow.

So for women, in a bad marriage, it is difficult to make up their minds to divorce even if they are desperate, not because they still love their husbands, but because they are powerless and frustrated with their feelings.

Many girlfriends around me once said to me that I had the idea of divorce a hundred times in my heart, but they all made up for it. As the phrase always buy vegetables on the way to buy a kitchen knife home may be the norm of most unhappy marriages today.

Of course, there are many specific reasons for divorce, involving the uniqueness of each relationship. But ultimately they cant get divorced and stay in a bad relationship. Generally speaking, there is a very essential problem, that is fear.

So divorce is not only a practical problem, but also a psychological confidence problem.

But soon after the two began to interact, Bi Xixi found out that Jordan had a violent tendency, often beaten her, and abused her as worthless, often saying that she was not worth his pay. But even so, Bixi did not leave her boyfriend.

On the day of the incident, Bixi went to London to see friends. In the evening, Jordan took Bixi home from the railway station and began to complain that she did not care about herself. Then they quarreled, and Jordan joined them. After Bixi fell asleep, Jordan continued to beat each other until she was cruelly beaten to death.

A wealthy girl who studies in Britain at the age of 15 and knows three languages is an excellent girl with a bright future. However, she chose to stay with her bad boyfriend selflessly after continuing beatings? Why?

Self-worth: Do you believe you deserve good feelings?

DY said that men are almost the same, as long as tied together to live, will eventually be the same, only half right.

In fact, there are excellent people in the world, just in your past life has not been, you will habitually say no such person, no such feelings, because this can rationalize your suffering, let you feel better. Because it would be very sad if you knew you didnt get such a good thing.

However, there are many good feelings in the world, but you will habitually pay attention to the bad feelings around you to balance yourself.

Many people prefer to stay in a bad relationship because they dont believe in the good in their hearts, and they dont think they deserve such a good thing.

Maybe thats the biggest limit that bad relationships can impose on you.

At this time, the boyfriend will say, Rest assured, I will take care of you, you still depend on me.

In our emotions, we need to have four disconnected thoughts

Do you have the following four thoughts?

When touching your bottom line, you can turn around and leave. Only with such freedom ability can you be truly independent. Behind such freedom, there is economic independence and personality independence as the foundation.

No one can make you give up your life, even children. Do you have this belief?

Divorce requires more courage than marriage, so as long as its the right decision, you should be sure of yourself.

So, theres really no need to be afraid of losing a relationship. If this relationship doesnt nourish you, losing it is a new beginning. You know that you cant get away from a bad marriage, and you probably cant get up the courage to leave a bad boss, an inappropriate life.

No matter divorce or not, every kind of life has a price.