Zheng Shuang, an uneasy flow

 Zheng Shuang, an uneasy flow

The reason for this is that recently Zheng Shuangs new drama flowing good times was broadcast. The performance of Zheng Shuang and Ma Tianyu in the play was Tucao by netizens, not only the expression was as stiff as before, but even the lines were not clear.

The flowing good time because the file is the young school, so the broadcast ratings of 1.67%, after broadcast several episodes instead of landing below 1%, plus the bean score on the delay has not opened, the public forum on the play is also discussed very low, people began to vomit slot Zheng Yanji bad, Zheng Shuang paste.

Then he responded with an indifferent gesture, My life is more than a TV series.

He also said, I always feel very empty about becoming famous, and when I have earned money, I will go to do something that I can be sure of.

Although the audience knows what you think in your heart, the nature of what you really say is different.

Im in a bad mood, of course, Im not good at acting. Its up to me to watch TV badly. After making money, I care whether hes good at watching TV or not.

When she broke up with Hu Yanbin, fans also took pictures of Zheng Shuang flying to Korea without a working trip.

Some fans questioned the authenticity of the explosive material and were threatened by the people who took off the powder and trampled on it. Dont force me to hammer.

Unfortunately, its too late.

Watching fans take off their flour and step back on their microblogs makes people sigh. Its too painful to have an unconscious idol.

In fact, Zheng Shuanggangs reputation in those years was good.

Although it was criticized by many people at that time, Chu Yuhu was at least pure and lovely, and her character just matched her.

After breaking up with Zhang Han, her whole mental state is not very good. Lenovo originally for Zhang Hans cosmetic surgery, many people still have sympathy for Zheng Shuang.

Even admitting that plastic surgery was praised by the audience for courage.

It can be seen that Zheng Shuang was a very popular actress, but she used practical action to wear away the audiences edge bit by bit.

In The Birth of an Actor, we can see that Zheng Shuang resisted to communicate with people and acted only in his own world.

For so many years, I have been unable to open my mind, it is difficult to integrate into the role, coupled with the sense of inferiority that I know I am not good at acting, then I will play and laugh.

Curl up

Bite your lips

When he was filming Top Secret, he and the director gave her a talk. As a result, she smiled hilariously and was busy applying hand cream to the assistant next to her.

Seeing the directors black face, Zheng Shuang turned a white eye disdainfully instead?

When she is in love, she often skips the class of the drama group because of her unhappy feelings and does not shoot if she wants to.

The propaganda work of the later stage of the TV series depends on the mood. Ma Tianyu once cooperated with Ma Tianyu in the TV series Beautys Private Room Vegetables. As a result, only Ma Tianyu participated in the broadcast conference.

I dont know if Zheng Shuang feels that Beautys Private Vegetables is a terrible film, and he doesnt want to publicize it.

When the TV series was broadcasting, they couldnt stand the voice of doubt and moved out of depression to shut up the audience.

Anyone who dares to say that she is not good at acting is not kind.

Ask fans for money, do not wear make-up, take part in activities, break up, and pat boyfriend to go to the toilet.

This also explains why Zheng Shuang is such a glass heart but still likes to bask in her life. It also explains why investors like to shoot with her, because she brings her own bloody body and heat.

The behind-the-scenes hero of all this is Zheng Shuangs fans.

Faced with Zheng Shuangs flying self, fans can choose unconditional acceptance.

Over time, what if there is no acting and bad attitude? Still, there are scenes, money and love.

Zheng Shuang said, When you have earned money, go ahead and do what you can do. No one else can do the APP I developed.

But fans and audiences dont want a programmer, they want an actor.

Zheng Shuangs apology is only to apologize to her fans, because someone took off the powder, she would panic and use the reason of fear of the lens to prevaricate the past.

We have no right to criticize Zheng Shuangs personal life, but as an audience, we have the right to ask an actor to produce qualified works.

The Beijing News also commented on Zheng Shuang yesterday: The audience is not obliged to accept your bad mood and bad acting skills.

The credits of traffic stars with poor acting skills and poor texture are bankrupting. This is a general trend in the performing arts circle in the past two years. Originally, the flow stars who call for the wind and rain and go all the way to the disadvantage have fallen one after another.

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