US test stealth speedboats, fast but unarmed, Chinese unmanned speedboats have successfully launched missiles

 US test stealth speedboats, fast but unarmed, Chinese unmanned speedboats have successfully launched missiles

On July 8, netizens posted two photos on a social media platform showing an M80 Dagger stealth test ship sailing at high speed on the sea near Virginia Beach in the United States.

Recently, several photos of the US Dagger stealth speedboat sailing at high speed appeared on the social network, which is said to have been taken near Virginia Beach in the United States.

M80 Dagger stealth boat is a kind of military speedboat with unique design and very fast speed. It has four 1652 horsepower engines. Its maximum speed can reach 60 knots, one knot is equal to one nautical mile per hour, and one nautical mile is equal to 1.852 kilometers, that is to say, its maximum speed is more than 110 kilometers per hour.

The picture shows the Brador of the Canadian Navy with the port number FHE400. The maximum speed of the ship can reach 63 knots. What is the concept of Section 63? This means that any conventional torpedo launched by a submarine cant run through it, except for monsters like supercavitating torpedoes.

Of all the military vessels in the world, the highest speed is the Canadian anti-submarine vessel Brado. It is an experimental hydrofoil vessel with a maximum speed of 63 knots, or 117 kilometers per hour. But the Brado retired in 1971. Since then, the worlds fastest military ship is Norways shield missile boat, its maximum speed is 60 knots, the endurance of 800 nautical miles.

In addition, the boats that can be faster than the Dagger are motorboats specially modified for competitions, such as F1 motorboats, which can reach 280 kilometers per hour and 150 knots per hour with the combination of super horsepower engines and super light boats. But such a high speed has no practical use except for short sprints on the track in calm waters.

From the picture, the hull is very smooth and smooth.

M80 Dagger stealth boat has a length of 27 meters, a width of 12 meters, a height of 5 meters, and a drainage capacity of 60 tons. Like racing boats, it uses a lot of carbon fiber materials to reduce weight. It does not need welding and riveting in the manufacturing process, but directly manufactures the whole hull. It is said to be the largest hull ever built in the United States using composite materials.

M80 adopts a unique five-hull design. The bottom of the ship looks like hollow, forming four deep grooves, like the shape of double M. This design has the advantage of high buoyancy and low resistance, and can almost completely eliminate the V-shaped wave formed by the bow during sailing. Another advantage is that the structure of double M will form an air cushion while driving, and with the help of waves to lift the hull, reduce the contact area between the hull and the water surface, so that resistance will be reduced, which is conducive to increasing speed.

M80 is a very special five-hull design that looks like something on another planet.

In addition, the hull of Dagger is flat, with smooth folds on all sides, no right-angle structure, and no protruding part of the hull, which can effectively reduce the radar reflection area, so it is called stealth boat.

Looking from the exterior, Dagger and Norways shield missile speedboat are somewhat similar, both flat and flat.

Dagger is not equipped with armed, mainly used for personnel transport, and as an unmanned aerial vehicle offshore platform. It can be carried by large ships such as amphibious landing ships, and can perform missions in mission areas using its high-speed and stealth characteristics.

Its full-load endurance is 500 nautical miles, enough to support off-shore missions, carrying 12 soldiers at a time.

In 2006, the Dagger stealth craft was named one of the best inventions of the year by Time magazine.

Norways shield missile boat is a very interesting boat, with a drainage of only 200 tons, but fierce firepower, a maximum speed of more than 45 knots, and strong maneuverability.

Compared with the short sword, the discharge capacity of the shield missile boat is 274 tons, which is much larger. And it is a real warship, armed to the teeth, in addition to a 76mm naval gun, there are eight KDA anti-ship missiles, Northwest Wind anti-aircraft missiles and M2 heavy machine guns.

Another point needs to be explained, some media said that the Dagger is a stealth drone, which is not accurate. It is still a manned conventional ship, because it has to be manned, to fly and receive UAVs, to act as a communications hub for special forces and naval vessels, UAVs are obviously not applicable. Just as UAVs dont design manned functions, because it increases the risk of casualties, it contradicts the design concept of UAVs.

Sea Hunter unmanned vehicle.

When it comes to unmanned warships, the U.S. Army has already begun to develop them, such as the Marine Hunter Unmanned Vehicle, a 40-meter-long, 140-ton unmanned speedboat.

Its greatest feature is its amazing endurance. It can sail 10,000 nautical miles in a row. Im afraid the manned ship with the same amount of drainage is less than a fraction of its voyage.

From this point, we can see the advantages of unmanned ship, that is, huge fuel carrying capacity. According to the standard drainage of 135 tons, 40 tons of fuel are in it. After removing the load of personnel, peoples cabins, drinking water, food and related supporting facilities can be saved. The whole ship is designed for the completion of the task module.

U.S. Defense Department officials said that sea hunters are experimental autonomous unmanned warships designed to hunt submarines, and also the worlds largest unmanned surface warships. It belongs to the core of the Pentagons Anti-submarine Warfare Continuous Tracking Unmanned Vehicle project in recent years.

The sea hunter is not equipped with weapons. On the one hand, the installation of weapons will have an impact on its voyage, on the other hand, it is also determined by its mission characteristics. It is mainly used to track and monitor enemy submarines, and send data to our warships in the vicinity of the sea area, which can provide precise coordinates to guide the attack.

We know that the greatest protection of submarines is the secrecy of their actions. If their position is exposed, submarines will be very passive. In this case, it is no different from naked running.

However, the endurance of the sea hunter can consume the submarine to a bad temper, so it is difficult for the submarine to successfully complete its task.

What if our country also imitates this kind of unmanned boat by drawing gourds?

That falls into the abacus of the United States. This kind of unmanned ship belongs to the low-value naval vessel, but if it is to be imitated, the cost is not so easy to suppress. If the unmanned ship is used in large quantities, the cost will be very high, which will become a competing financial power with the United States.

MarkVI patrol boat.

In addition, Loma has planned to transform MarkVI patrol boats into unmanned combat boats.

The MarkVI patrol boat is a 65-ton patrol boat with 10 crew members and eight soldiers. The maximum speed is 45 knots and the endurance is 750 nautical miles.

There are two 25mm automatic guns and six M2 heavy machine guns on the boat, and grenade launchers and Griffin missiles can be installed on the barrel according to the task requirements.

Lomas unmanned version design transforms it into an anti-ship missile ship, with a four-unit RASM long-range anti-ship missile installed at the stern. This missile, which we have described in detail before, uses stealth design and has a range far beyond the U.S. Armys Harpoon anti-ship missile. A single missile weighs more than one ton and can seriously damage large ships such as aircraft carriers. Boats.

Loma exhibited a model of MarkVI equipped with LRASM long-range anti-ship missile.

Lomas ambition to deploy such a class of missiles on such a small speedboat is considerable.

China has also made great achievements in Military Unmanned Aerial vehicles. In 2018, it demonstrated the technology of bee colony unmanned aerial vehicles publicly. Fifty-six unmanned speedboats sailed at high speed on the sea in a dense formation, which could change their formation to avoid obstacles in real time and exceed the accuracy of manned vessels.

If these speedboats are armed, it will be a headache for large ships to defend themselves.

Watcher 2 UAV.

In addition, the Watcher 2 unmanned ship, which was displayed at the Zhuhai Air Show, successfully completed the sea missile test and hit the target accurately. It is the second unmanned speedboat in the world to successfully test-fire missiles.

Its drainage capacity is only 3.7 tons, and it can carry four missiles with a range of 5 kilometers. Because of its flexible use, the range of tasks that can be carried out ranges from patrols to reconnaissance to firepower strikes are beyond words.

With the launching of various types of amphibious warships of the Chinese Navy, more and more platforms can be used by unmanned vessels. I believe that we will see more and more of them in the future.

Source of this article: Netease Talking about Military Responsible Editor: Li Xi_N2587