Why is he Huangleis obsessed goddess so old?

 Why is he Huangleis obsessed goddess so old?

Beauty is not old, it is always our fantasy of beauty.

Naturally accepting beauty will also normal old age, there will be a day when the face will no longer be, it seems always a difficult thing.

Yamaguchi, 60, was photographed the other day.

Female Seven

It is such a photograph that has aroused controversy: the reality that the goddess is no longer acceptable to many people.

Netizens Comment/Weibo

Therefore, the article lamenting that Shankou Baihui has not escaped the torment of years has become a hot spot for a while.

After all, many people still have the impression of Yamaguchi Baihui when she was young.

At that time, Baihui Mountain Pass was a goddess in the hearts of a generation.

Huang Lei looked at Zhang Zifeng and said, My sister is a bit like Shankou Baihui.

A Contrast Picture of Shankou Baihui and Zhang Zifeng

Young people are not familiar with the name, and the old wolf sitting opposite is popular:

Yamaguchi Baihui is the national idol of the previous generation of Takura Kimura, and the common memory of the previous generation.

Huang Lei expressed regret that after Shankou Baihui got married, it disappeared and really never appeared again.

The representative of Japan said that Baihui Yamaguchi was the goddess in his heart, extending from his parents to his own generation.

Even Cherry Pillsfavorite star is Yamaguchi Baihui.

After shaking hands with Baihui Yamaguchi at the concert, Xiaowanzi was thrilled /Cherry Xiaowanzi

Yamaguchi Baihui is a rare talent in the entertainment circle, with outstanding achievements in singing, movies and TV plays.

The song was sung by countless singers such as Zhang Guorong, Anita Mui and Andy Lau.

Anita Mui said in the interview that Baihui Yamaguchi had influenced her life and made herself find a goal.

Her film career has also been successful, with 10 of the 13 films starring in the film winning the top 10 at the box office of Japans domestic film of the year.

At the age of 15, Izu Dancer became popular in Japan.

She and Sanpu Youhe starred in Blood Suspicion, the first Japanese TV drama introduced by China, which was broadcasted on CCTV and became popular all over the country.

Zhang Guorong also confessed to Yamaguchi Baihui in the movie Golden Jade Man Tang:

At the age of 21, Baihui Yamaguchi handed over his last performance work, Ancient Capital.

I want to choose my own way of life, though I am a bit self-willed. Im going to quit acting altogether.

Completely demarcated from the entertainment industry, disappeared in front of the public.

Baihui Yamaguchi Falling into the World

As Gao Xiaosong said, She will always be so young, no matter how old I become, she will always be like that.

Regrettably, the argument that Yamaguchi Baihui had a bad life rose and fell one after another.

It seems that the 60-year-old Baihui Yamaguchis old attitude must be caused by some bad reason, frozen age and not old are her attitudes.

It may be acceptable to put aging on ordinary people, but it would lose its position on female stars.

No matter 30, 40, 50, 60, you should be graceful and decent even when you are old.

Wrinkles are not allowed, hunches are not allowed, and fattening is not allowed.

Previously, an old photo of Lin Yilian came out on the Internet, and Lin Yilian is fat quickly went on a hot search.

Fat, old, changed face became the label of Lin Yilian.

Some even speculated that Lin Yilian was pregnant.

Lin Yilian has just won the Best Female Singer Award. At the age of 52, she still spares no effort to give back her works to the public, but more people only care about her appearance.

In 2017, Ni Ping attended a hot search in Reader Lang. The search keyword is not a program, but Ni Ping cant be recognized when she grows old.

A 60-year-old woman is active in front of the screen. She needs to be graceful and perfect, with invisible wrinkles as her criterion.

Its a kind of courage.

People love to say that men have forty-one flowers and women have forty tofu residues.

As the age increases, it seems that men are constantly appreciating, while women are relentlessly depreciating.

Guo Yingguang, a girl who had personally experienced the humiliation of women by age, held up a marriage advertisement for her blind date.

Oh, the courage is commendable.

Guo Yingguangs blind date behavior is called courage commendable/a video

Someone made an analogy to the men and women in the matchmaking roles. The men are bank cards, the women are houses, and the young girls are good houses.

Shes a very good house, not married, but shes in the suburbs because shes old.

Later, the friend also ridiculed her with a nickname: the most beautiful suburban house.

As girls, we always suffer more hostility.

Jon Chen is always reminded of his age/ Womens 30+.

Under the pressure of age, anxiety also arrives ahead of time, and women who look forward to the future dare not grow old.

Perhaps age can be hidden, but fine lines on the face can reveal everything.

People caught in age discrimination always subconsciously deny that we will grow old.

But in fact, its just that the body is changing naturally.

What will happen to everyone here?

However, the reality is that aging is getting harder and harder. Age discrimination shames the natural laws of physiology.

Ashton cautions that aging is not a problem to be solved or a disease to be treated.

The sooner we get out of the cycle of denying our age, the better we will be.

Many people answered that they could not face it calmly. Because old age means the loss of infinite possibilities, the decline of physical function, the slow death...

As Hayao Miyazaki described in Thousand Searches, life is a train to the grave.

It is not easy for anyone to accept the increase of age lightly.

But some people also answered that getting old is not terrible. Whats terrible is that you havent changed anything except getting old.

Old does not mean anything. I like my place best, and my decree lines.

Time will not stay, but we can decide what part of the years will leave behind, such as profound knowledge, rich experience, good mentality...

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