Self-revolution, Xi Jinping grasps this important vane

 Self-revolution, Xi Jinping grasps this important vane

The Party building of the central and state organs must go ahead and set an example, which is determined by the position and role of the central and state organs.

In order to deepen the comprehensive and strict administration of the Party and carry out self-revolution, we must start from the central and state organs and from the party building of the organs.

Successful Practice since the Eighteenth National Congress: Six Only are Important Experiences

Since the Eighteenth National Congress of the CPC, remarkable achievements have been made in Party building of the central and state organs, and important experience has been accumulated.

Only by adhering to and strengthening the Partys overall leadership, adhering to the Partys need to govern the Party in an all-round and strict manner, and under the leadership of the Partys political construction, can the distinct nature of the central and state organs as political organs be preserved forever;

Only by fully implementing the responsibility system of Party building, adhering to the leadership of the Party Group (Party Committee) team, under the above-mentioned rate, and taking the system by the organs, can the work of Party building in the organs form a strong synergy.

First of all, we should consciously check the table with the Partys basic theory, basic line and basic strategy, and the Party Central Committees decision-making and deployment of the table, improve the political position, quasi-political direction, firm political position, clear political attitude, strictly abide by political discipline, and regularly correct deviations, so as to achieve the firm response advocated by the Party Central Committee and the Party Central Committee. Resolutely abide by the decision and resolutely eliminate the prohibition by the Party Central Committee.

We should vigorously strengthen the loyalty education to the Party, learn to publicize advanced models, guide Party members and cadres to think of the best and bring loyalty to the Party into the construction of family tutoring and family style.

Grasp the Key Work: Ten Yao Points out the Direction

We should persevere in upholding integrity and discipline, take the lead in carrying forward the Partys glorious tradition and fine style of work, build a clean and upright political organ, and let the masses feel the new climate of change.

We should deal with the relationship between Party building and business, insist on planning, deploying, implementing and inspecting the work of Party building and business together.

To deal with the relationship between goal-oriented and problem-oriented, we should not only focus on the goal, make efforts in overall planning and top-level design, but also focus on the problem and make sustained efforts in making up for shortcomings and weaknesses.

To deal with the relationship between the establishment of rules and regulations and the effectiveness of landing, system formulation is very important, and system implementation is more important. We should take the lead in learning, abiding by and implementing Party rules and regulations, starting from strict basic systems and daily norms.

All relevant departments of the Central Committee should take their responsibilities and cooperate closely to form a joint effort to grasp the Party building work of the organs.

We should build a high-quality professional contingent of Party cadres and train them to become politically savvy people, insiders in Party building and intimate people of cadres and staff.