Cai Yingwen Buying a Huge Amount of US Weapons and Radio Media: Lost Family for Transit

 Cai Yingwen Buying a Huge Amount of US Weapons and Radio Media: Lost Family for Transit

Cai Ying (Taiwanese Media Map)

Overseas Network, July 10, on the eve of Cai Yingwens forthcoming visit to the United States under the name of Friendship, the State Department of the United States approved the sale of weapons and equipment worth about $2.2 billion to Taiwan. The islands media questioned that Cai Yingwen spent a lot of money to buy the U.S. Army in order to get better treatment when transiting the United States, so he did not hesitate to defeat diplomacy.

Taiwan media reported recently that after the Pentagon approved the sale of huge amounts of weapons and equipment to Taiwan, the DPP authorities took this opportunity to brush up their sense of existence. From Cai Fang, the defence department, the foreign affairs department and Cai Yingwen himself, I have successively expressed heartfelt thanks to the United States. Taiwans foreign affairs department also made a high-profile announcement that Cai would visit four friendly countries in the Caribbean, and that he would transit in the United States for two nights on his way back and forth, setting a new record of longest transit through the United States. It is not difficult to see that the Cai authorities are not ashamed of the ugliness of embracing the thighs of the United States.

The islands media lamented that Cai Yingwen spent a lot of money to buy a bunch of small-purpose weapons as a protection fee to the United States, to make the loser diplomacy, and may lose diplomatic relations again in the process, which is contrary to his ideal.

According to Zhongshi E-Newspaper, at the press conference of Taiwan Competitiveness Forum held on October 10, Pang Jianguo, the chairman of the board, said that the four diplomatic countries visited by Cai Yingwen had little international weight. What Cai Yingwen really cared about was that he would enjoy better treatment while striving for transit to the United States, boasting about his diplomatic achievements and promoting them. Selection. For this reason, she purchased 108 M122 main battle tanks which were not suitable for Taiwans terrain from the United States, which was a protection fee paid to the United States.

Xie Minghui, the forums executive director, questioned Cai Yinghuas concern about the islands counties and citiesfunds, but he paid $18.5 million for a tank bought from the United States. The F16V fighter that Cai authorities wanted to buy from the United States is also a previous generation fighter. Is it worth paying so much protection fee for Cai Yinghuas deviant policy? All the counties and cities in the island need money. Taichung needs money to solve the problem of air pollution. Su Zhengchang, President of the Executive Council, even subsidizes 8.61 million yuan (NT$) for dengue fever prevention and control. Kaohsiung Mayor Yo Kaohsiung, Korea, has to pay a lot of money for weapons.

Xie Minghui also ironically pointed out that Cai Yinghuas cross-border diplomacy campaign had turned out to be contrary to his wishes. Before crossing the United States, he had been severed diplomatic relations and had severed five diplomatic states in his term of office. The Cai authorities paid $5.4 billion for US military purchases, and the foreign affairs departments of Taiwan also prepared a huge foreign aid budget. The result of spending so much money was the decline of diplomatic relations, which shows policy errors. He believes that the root of the mistake lies in Cai Yings refusal to recognize the 1992 Consensus and his pursuit of pro-U.S. hatred, which makes cross-strait relations more tense and endeavors to curry favor with the United States, but makes Taiwan more dangerous.

In spite of the rebound in the island, Cai Ying insisted on playing old tricks, even Chen Shui-bian, the former leader of Taiwan, could not see it. In his social media, Cai Ying criticized that there was no inevitable relationship between the United States and re-election. It was also a misunderstanding that the idea of transit the United States could add points for re-election. He shouted Cai Ying and wanted American support. America is not harmful to you, its good!

Former President of the American Association in Taiwan (AIT), Professor Bruce, also warned that Taiwan would be the only loser if someone in Taiwan believed that the United States would support Taiwan 100% and completely, just like an unconditional blank check.

Aiming at Cai Yingwens desire to transit the United States, Anfengshan, a spokesman for the National Taiwan Office, made it clear that we firmly oppose any attempt to create two Chinas, one China, one Taiwan and Taiwan independence in the international arena. Any attempt or action to hold foreign countries to self-respect and undermine cross-strait relations will only bear its own consequences.

Source: Overseas Network Responsible Editor: Gu Yunting_NBJS8499