Cai English is suspected of fraudulent papers and busy exposing graduation certificates online friends: education is useless

 Cai English is suspected of fraudulent papers and busy exposing graduation certificates online friends: education is useless

The picture shows Cai Yingwen for the first time drying out his diploma (source: Taiwanese media)

On July 10, when the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) primary election was held recently, Green Yings famous mouth questioned the falsification of Tsai Yings doctoral dissertation by Taiwans leader. Public opinion on the island unanimously demanded that Tsai Ying publish his dissertation. After a month, Cai finally responded by publishing his diploma for the first time. The netizens on the island questioned, What about Cai Yingyings doctoral dissertation? Dont divert the focus, confuse the audience!

Cai Yingwen released a film on the social network on October 10 to visit a technology company, opening his first graduation certificate from London College of Economics and Politics (LSE), according to Lianhe News. In the video, I held up my diploma and showed it to company employees, emphasizing that this time I brought my diploma from London School of Economics and Politics!

It is understood that the average age of employees of the company visited by Cai Yingying is only 27 years old. Her social account reads Listen to the stories of young Taiwanese entrepreneurship, and understand the industrial situation of Taiwans newly created and local community websites. Finding problems and finding ways to solve them creatively is the most powerful place for young Taiwanese people, she said. Taiwans young people are absolutely capable of standing on the stage of the world with innovation and action.

It is worth mentioning that under this information, Cai Yingwen labeled LSE Diploma First Open Box and Steel Seal two labels by himself, which caused embarrassment to netizens in the island: Are you afraid of losing face when you first see leaders with diplomas over there? When competence is questioned, educational credentials will be shown. So what?

On June 10, Cao Changqing, the famous mouth of Green Camp, said, Is Cai Yingyings doctoral degree forged? According to Fa Changwen, Cais doctoral thesis in LSE is inexplicably missing and has exhausted all channels. Cais doctoral thesis can not be found in all open academic databases. Whats more, the name of the thesis instructor cant be found.

Cao Changqing proposed Cais method of self-evidentiary innocence, publishing his doctoral dissertation publicly and publishing the name of the doctoral dissertation instructor because of the fact that the London School of Economics and Politics had been found to be selling degrees, but he never received a response. The incident caused a great disturbance on the island. People said that they should initiate a letter asking Cai Yingwen to take out his doctoral dissertation for public reading.

Picture shows screenshots of comments by netizens

Unexpectedly, Cai Ying, who had been silent, took out his diploma one month later in an attempt to prove his innocence. Inside the island netizens do not buy, angry: You have a diploma is the same thing, but the most important paper? Miss, its not hard to understand that people are discussing that graduation thesis is not a diploma? What people suspect is your thesis, but Cheating Ying takes the diploma to divert the focus! Sure enough, the thesis still cant come out. Show methepaper! (Show me the paper!)

Some netizens questioned the authenticity of the diploma, pointing directly at polls can cheat, and what can not be cheated. If you typeLSEdiplomainto the search engine, there will be a bunch ofHowtobuyLSEdiploma websites, which is funny. Another Taiwanese admit, It just proves that education and ability are two different things. Even if there are graduation papers, its only a cabbage. Verify the uselessness of academic qualifications!

Source: Overseas Network Responsible Editor: Gu Yunting_NBJS8499