EF Education Responds to Foreign TeachersDrug Involvement: Some Teachers Drug Involvement in Non-working Time

 EF Education Responds to Foreign TeachersDrug Involvement: Some Teachers Drug Involvement in Non-working Time

On the evening of July 9, according to Red Star News, the arrest of several foreign teachers in EF Education Xuzhou Center caused concern.

In the early morning of July 10, Xuzhou police reported that since July, after investigation according to law, Quanshan Branch of Xuzhou Public Security Bureau has successfully cracked a drug-related case. Up to now, a total of 19 drug-related persons have been arrested, 16 of whom are foreign personnel (7 are foreign teachers in an educational institution and 9 are students). The results showed that 19 of them were positive in urine test. At present, one foreigner has been detained in accordance with the law on suspicion of criminal offences, and 18 drug-related personnel have been detained in administrative detention. The case is under further processing.

Earlier, Red Star News learned from people familiar with Xuzhou police that the captured foreign teacher came from EF Education Xuzhou Center. People were captured last week. Red Star News learned from several insiders that foreign students caught in drug-related activities were assistants to foreign students. Xuzhou Public Security Bureau and other departments did not respond to the Red Star News, At present, the case is still under investigation.

At 4 p.m. on July 10, the head of EFs education and public relations department sent EF Youth English Statement on Drug Relevance to Some Teachers in Xuzhou Center to Red Star News. Among them, some teachers in EF Xuzhou Center are involved in drug abuse during non-working hours, (We) deeply regret and attach great importance to it. We are cooperating with relevant departments to carry out the investigation, and have also launched an internal investigation.

EF Education also announces via the official microblog

In this statement, EF Education said that the four centers in Xuzhou were operating normally and the curriculum arrangement of students was not affected. All along, the company strictly abides by the relevant laws, regulations and policies of China, adopts zero tolerance for any illegal acts, absolutely prohibits employees from owning or taking controlled drugs and drugs, and will terminate their labor contracts as soon as they are found out. We will take this as a lesson and continue to improve the management and supervision of teachers in our future work to ensure that every foreign teacher can understand and abide by the relevant laws, regulations and policies of China.

Xuzhou Quanshan District Bureau of Education and Sports related to the responsible person told Red Star News, July 10 at 2 p.m., the Bureau has conducted a thorough investigation of foreign teachers involved in social education in the region.

Zhou Xiaoyan, secretary-general of the Center for Network Crime Defense and Research of Guangqiang Law Firm, believes that foreigners in China should abide by Chinese laws and regulations. For suspected illegal and criminal acts committed by foreigners, except for those who enjoy diplomatic immunity, they are dealt with in accordance with Chinese laws and regulations.

For the illegal administrative acts committed by foreigners, administrative penalties, fines or administrative detention shall be imposed in accordance with the Law on Administrative Penalties for Public Security and the Law on the Administration of the Entry and Exit of Aliens. The provisions of the Criminal Law and the Criminal Procedure Law shall apply to the investigation of criminal responsibility for suspected criminal acts committed by foreigners in China. Article 6 of the Criminal Law stipulates that:This Law shall apply to all those who commit crimes in the territory of the Peoples Republic of China, except those specifically provided by law. Of course, its legitimate rights and interests, such as the right to engage lawyers to defend, should also be guaranteed. However, there are some special provisions for foreigners suspected of illegal and criminal acts. If a foreigner commits a crime within the territory of China, the court may (but should not) apply the expulsion independently or additionally. If it is additional application, that is, the suspect is deported after the execution of the principal sentence sentenced. This is to eliminate the possibility of recidivism in China.

In the case of Yingfu in Xuzhou, 18 of the 19 people arrested were in administrative detention, which should be the first time that drug addicts were caught. One of them was in criminal detention and was suspected of criminal offence. I presume that it might be a drug supplier. He may be suspected of smuggling, trafficking, transporting drugs and other crimes. Zhou Xiaoyan said.

Source: Red Star News Responsible Editor: Chengyu_NBJ11143