Guizhou Provincial Government: Agrees to Recommend Li Jingren as General Manager of Maotai, Guizhou

 Guizhou Provincial Government: Agrees to Recommend Li Jingren as General Manager of Maotai, Guizhou

On July 10, upstream journalists learned from the official website of the Guizhou Provincial Government that the Guizhou Provincial Peoples Government issued a notice on the post adjustment of Comrade Li Jingren and other comrades, recommending Li Jingren as the general manager of China Winery (Group) Co., Ltd. and recommending Li Baofang not to assume the post of general manager of the company anymore; the post adjustment of the above-mentioned personnel should be in accordance with the regulations. The Company Law and related stipulated procedures shall be handled.

Li Jingren

Earlier on July 2, Maotai Liquor Co., Ltd. issued the Announcement of Resolution of the Third Meeting of the Second Board of Directors in 2019. Li Baofang, chairman of Maotai Liquor Co., Ltd., will no longer act as general manager of the company. Li Jingren, director of Guizhou Maotai Liquor Co., Ltd., will act as general manager of the company. Li Baofang is currently the chairman, Secretary of the Party Committee and legal representative of Guizhou Maotai Winery (Group) Co., Ltd. On July 1, Maotai Group issued a message that the personnel change is to further clarify the authority boundary of the corporate governance system, and realize the corporate governance structure of each person who is responsible for his or her duties, coordinated operation and effective checks and balances.

According to public data, Li Jingren, 55, was promoted to Maotai Group in October 2018 from Deputy Director-General of Guizhou Reservoir and Ecological Immigration Bureau and member of the Party Group as Secretary of Guizhou Immigration Bureau of the Communist Party of China.

Li Jingrens resume shows that he has no previous experience in the alcohol industry, but has rich financial expertise. In October 1994, he passed the National Accountant Qualification Examination. In May 1996, he was qualified as a certified public accountant. In October 1998, he passed the National Enterprise Legal Advisor Qualification Examination. In October 1999, he was qualified as a certified taxpayer. In December 1999, he was qualified as a certified asset appraiser. Li Jingrens position has also been promoted from head of Finance Department of Guizhou Metallurgical Affiliated Enterprise Corporation to deputy director of local enterprise department of Guizhou Metallurgical Department.

According to public media reports, after Li Jingren came to Maotai to work, he was also in charge of financial affairs related to the old bank. He chaired the Maotai Groups annual financial and statistical work meeting and budget and final accounts work arrangement meeting in 2019. He also spoke when he led a team to inspect the China Merchants Bureau. Maotai is accumulating in financial investment, overseas business and so on. I hope the two sides can strengthen exchanges and cooperation.

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