One month after the explosion, another accident happened in Dagangs company, killing one person.

 One month after the explosion, another accident happened in Dagangs company, killing one person.

On the morning of July 10, Fangda Iron and Steel Co. gave a briefing on the accident within the Group. According to the notification materials, Wang Mou, a 32-year-old male, was killed. The detailed cause of the accident is under investigation. The notice requests that all units should immediately communicate the accident to the workshop, team and post employees, and take the accident as a lesson, further strengthen the investigation and treatment ofthree violationsand the observation of employeesoperation behavior, seriously carry out the investigation and treatment of hidden dangers, and take measures to high temperature heat sources, toxic and harmful ditches (pits) and other dangerous operation areas. Safety protection measures, clear safety operation requirements, prevent similar accidents.

The accident was just over a month after the May accident of Fangda Special Steel, a subsidiary of Fangda Iron and Steel Group. At about 16:30 on May 29, a combustion explosion occurred in No. 2 blast furnace gas pipeline of Fangda Special Steel Company Coking Branch, Qingshan Lake District, Nanchang City. As of June 19, the official micro-blog of the Emergency Management Bureau of Changsha City in Jiangxi Province announced that six people had died as of that day.

Peng Mei News reported earlier that before the explosion on May 29, that is, on the evening of May 28, employees found that the blast furnace was malfunctioning, the furnace body is shaking, but because of production rush, no shutdown was carried out.

According to App information, Jiugang is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jiangxi Pinggang Industrial Co., Ltd. and the largest shareholder of Jiangxi Pinggang Industrial Co., Ltd. is Jiangxi Big Steel Group Co., Ltd.

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