TVB responds to Bao Mine Water Special Withdrawal Advertising: Its the same as bowing to violence

 TVB responds to Bao Mine Water Special Withdrawal Advertising: Its the same as bowing to violence

Earlier today (10) the Global Network reported that Bao Mine Power and Water Company withdrew its advertisement because of the Hong Kong Radio Television Station (TVB) report of supporting the police. In response to questions from Global Network reporters, the manufacturer of Baominglishuite, Daiyu Pharmaceutical Co., confirmed that its Hong Kong branch had withdrawn its advertisement for TVB, and that it was its own decision and had nothing to do with the head office.

Just now, TVB sent a response to the Global Network Editorial Office, saying it was extremely sorry for Bao Minerals open letter published yesterday. Any inappropriate suppression of radio and television will not affect the principle of fair, impartial and objective news reporting of our station.

The following is the full text of TVB response_

1. A spokesman for Radio Television said that he deeply regretted Bao Mines open letter yesterday, especially about the companys plan to conduct a comprehensive review of its advertising campaign for Radio Television, and urged Radio Television to respond to public concerns.

2. In recent demonstrations and conflicts in Hong Kong, radio and television news were broadcast live from multiple perspectives in real time so that audiences could get to know the scene for the first time. Its not surprising that radio TV has become a grind. Any inappropriate suppression of radio and television will not affect the principle of fair, impartial and objective news reporting.

Subsequently, a person in charge of TVB said in an interview with a reporter from Global Network that TVB objectively reported the violent impact on the Legislative Council in Hong Kong, which enabled viewers to witness the scene from multiple perspectives and understand the actions of the police in the face of the environment at that time, including the dispersal of demonstrators, and related TVB reports. The audience ratings are high and influential, so they are targeted by the demonstrators. There were also demonstrators who bullied and intimidated advertisers on the Internet, demanding that they cancel advertisements placed on TVB.

In response to Bao Mineral Waters withdrawal of advertisements placed on TVB, the person in charge believed that Bao Mineral Waters remarks might be intended to win the support of demonstrators, but the practice was tantamount to bowing to violence. The rule of law is the cornerstone of Hong Kong. Bao Ming Mine Water is a legitimate business. Legitimate businesses should not be interfered with, nor should they bow to violence.

Previous reports: TVB Quick Police was withdrawn by Bao Mineral Water Special Advertisement? Verified, it is true.

Have you ever drunk Bao Mine Water Special?

Today, many people are struggling to decide whether or not to drink this Japanese sports drink.

The reason is that a screenshot is circulating on Weibo. __

To be precise, its because another picture was uploaded on Twitter _

Explain that the origin of this picture cannot be confirmed by Global Network reporters. Several Twitter accounts forwarding it said that the screenshot was Bao Mine Water Hong Kong (the English account in the screenshot is Pocari SweatHK (Offic... ) Dialogue screenshot with Hong Kong netizens. Account Pocari SweatHK (Offic... In the dialogue, he said:

Thank you for your message. Our company attaches great importance to your comments.

In fact, in view of the current situation, we made the decision last week to withdraw advertisements from TVB. Normally, this process takes about two weeks.

At the same time, we have also conducted a comprehensive review of our media advertising plan for TVB, and urged TVB to respond to public concerns.

Thank you again for your comments. If you have any further comments in the future, please do not hesitate to let us know at any time.

Thank you for your support.

Hasnt it been understood yet?

We have synthesized the reports of netizens and Hong Kong and Taiwan media, and combed them for you again.

On July 1 this year, extremist violence hit the Legislative Council in Hong Kong. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China has made several statements on this matter, which will not be repeated in this article.

Since the extreme events in Hong Kong, how the Hong Kong media express themselves has also been concerned by foreign media. The BBC has sorted out the positions of the five major media in Hong Kong on the incident, which said that the Hong Kong Ming Pao was under external pressure for its editorial against violence and reckless practices. Meanwhile, Hong Kong Radio Television Station TVB has been criticized by young people in Hong Kong who are involved in extreme activities for its police-biased reporting.

What is reporting bias towards the police?

Does the above report that the police dispersed the demonstrators also count as biased towards the police?

In the eyes of some extreme Internet users in Hong Kong, this is the case.

So they not only attack TVB online, but also interfere with the activities of shocking TVB offline.

According to Hong Kong media reports, TVB was scheduled to cancel its activities in two shopping malls in Hong Kong on the evening of 9, because some netizens threatened to show up at the scene.

Screenshots of pro-opposition media coverage in Hong Kong

Not only that, but also Hong Kong netizens who support the opposition and opposition media have published a list of so-called TVB advertisers online.

Among them is the Japanese brand Bao Mineral Water Special.

This is the screenshot of the circulation at the beginning of this article.

According to Twitter netizens, some Hong Kong netizens asked Bao Mineral Water to withdraw its advertisement for TVB, and Bao Mineral Water made the above response.

But when it spread from Twitter to Weibo, mainland netizens may be angry.

Looking at the messages on Weibo, you can see the following comments:

But did Bao Mineral Water really withdraw its advertisement for TVB?

On the official account of Pocari SweatHK (Official) in Hong Kong, we can see that the latest tweet was released on the 8th, which has nothing to do with TVB. A kind of

This is also normal, because netizens say that they are responding to Twitter usersprivate letters, not official tweets.

So on the morning of the 10th, Global Network reporter called Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Hong Kong Branch of Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., which is in charge of the operation of Bao Mineral Water Company in Hong Kong (Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Hong Kong Branch of Japan). An unnamed staff member of the other party who claimed to be responsible for import affairs said that he knew about the matter, but did not understand the process of the occurrence, and it was not convenient to respond. She also said that the companys relevant directors were meeting on the matter, but it was not clear how long the meeting would take.

Hong Kong Branch said so, what does the Japanese head office say?

Global Network reporter called a woman in charge of public relations at Otsuka Pharmaceutical Japan, who said:

The Japanese Ministry has learned about the incident that took place on the evening of the 9th, and the response from the screenshots of netizens is indeed the work of employees of Otsuka Pharmaceutical Company in Hong Kong. Saiko said that the decision to withdraw the TVB advertisement was made by Otsuka Pharmaceutical Company of Hong Kong after many discussions, for commercial reasons and without political factors; moreover, the decision was made solely by Otsuka Pharmaceutical Company of Hong Kong, without any instructions from Japan. As to whether the cancellation of the advertisement is temporary or permanent, Xigang said that no decision has been made and the responsible personnel are still discussing further.

As another party to the incident, Hong Kong Radio Television Station (TVB) said in an interview with Global Network reporters that it was still in the process of understanding the matter and would respond to it later.

According to Hong Kong and Taiwan media reports, after announcing the cancellation of TVB advertisements, Hong Kong netizens said, Its shameful for a foreign enterprise to intervene in Hong Kongs political turmoil! Is the mainland market big or the Hong Kong market big?.

But there are also extreme netizens hailing Bao Mineral Water, claiming that they want to make it a designated drink for resistance.

Today, we dont end with What do you think?

We think so_

Source: Global Times - Global Network Responsible Editor: Xiao Qi_N6799