Aunt of the Missing Girl: Searching for a smaller area is not inhabited

 Aunt of the Missing Girl: Searching for a smaller area is not inhabited

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Search scope is getting smaller and smaller, the childs uncle said: This is not a place where people live (source:)

The reporter recently learned from the Xiangshan Police Department that according to the clue that Zhang Zixin, Liang and Xie had appeared in the supervision of the gate of Ningbo Xiangshan Golden Coast Hotel around 5:30 p.m. on July 7, the police have been searching for children along the street from Xiangshan to Juexi.

According to police information, Liang Mouhua and Xie Moufang arrived in Ningbo on July 6 with Zhang Zixin. They stayed overnight at a hotel near Ningbo Railway Station and went to Fenghua, Dongqianhu and other places.

On July 7, Liang Mouhua and Xie Moufang took Zhang Zixin to the Songlan Mountain scenic spot in Xiangshan County, and appeared in the coastal road monitoring screen from Songlan Mountain to Juexi Street.

At about 17:23 p.m. on July 7, it appeared in the monitoring of the entrance of Ningbo Xiangshan Gold Coast Hotel.

In the surveillance picture around 18 p.m., we can clearly see Liang Mouhua, Xie Moufang and Zhang Zixin walking on the road, and there is no abnormal situation.

But in the next monitoring picture along the line, that is, at about 22 oclock that night, only Liang Mouhua and Xie Moufang appeared, but there was no Zhang Zixin.

Subsequently, Liang Mouhua and Xie Moufang arrived at Dongqian Lake in Ningbo overnight by taxi and jumped into the lake together to commit suicide. The next day, July 8, the bodies of the two men were found floating from the lake.

Zhang Zixins last surveillance picture is in Xiangshan. At present, Ningbo Xiangshan police have organized forces to search for Zhang Zixins whereabouts along Songlan Mountain to Juexi Street, and also asked the people who know him to provide relevant clues.

The father and uncle of the child are with the police.

By 16:07 p.m., the childs uncle said: still searching, the scope has become smaller and smaller, the specific location is not convenient to tell the media, can only say this is not a place where people live, so afraid that the situation of children is not too good.

Xiangshan police said there would be a briefing tonight.

The girl was taken away by the tenants family members: only 25 yuan was found on the body of the tenant

Two people committed suicide by jumping from a lake. When they found their bodies, they only had 25 yuan on them. Mr. Wang said that at first the two men said they wanted to take their children to Shanghai, but after collecting tickets and other information, they did not go to Shanghai at all. They bought tickets to Zhangzhou, Fujian Province. Then I went to Ningbo.