Zhaolian Recruitment Response to 160,000 Resume Leaks: Actively Assisting Public Security Investigation

 Zhaolian Recruitment Response to 160,000 Resume Leaks: Actively Assisting Public Security Investigation

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IT Home News July 10, according to China Consumer News, recently the Beijing Chaoyang District Peoples Court heard a case of Zhilian Recruitment employees participating in the reselling of personal information. The case involved more than 160,000 personal information of citizens, one of which was sold for about 5 yuan. The case was heard in Beijing Chaoyang Court for the second time.

In response, a statement issued by Zhaopin last night said that in the case, Zhaopin recruited the first person to find out that there was a sale of resumes on Taobao during its daily inspection, and reported the case to the public security organs at the first time to actively assist in the investigation. Zhaopin will continue to pay attention to the progress of this case.

The following is the full text of the Job Statement of Zhilian:

Recently, the media reported that the case of reselling resumes suspected of involvement by former employees Lu Mou and Wang Mou of Zhilian was heard for the second time in Chaoyang District Peoples Court of Beijing on July 5, 2019.

As for this case, in June 2018, the first person recruited by Zhilian was found selling resumes on Taobaos network during the daily inspection. He reported the case at the first time and actively assisted the public security organs in their investigation. In August 2018, Zhilian recruited salesmen from Shanghai Branch, Lu Mou and Wang Mou, who were taken away by the public security organs.

According to the court hearing, unemployed personnel Zheng Mou colluded with Ren Zhilian to recruit and sell Lu Mou and Wang Mou in violation of the company system, deceiving enterprise membersaccounts to obtain resumes and making profits through illegal sales on the Internet. As of July 5, the case has not yet been adjudicated in court, and Zhaopin will continue to pay attention to the progress of the case.

User data is the lifeline of the recruitment development of Intelligent Union, and the basic responsibility of Intelligent Union recruitment is to ensure user information security. Zhaolian Recruitment will never tolerate information fraud and violations of personal information. For such cases, Zhaolian Recruitment will be severely investigated and resolutely cracked down.

Since June 2018, the recruitment compliance department of ITU has strengthened the education of rules and regulations, and carried out comprehensive self-examination and self-correction. Technically, the new round of information security upgrade has been carried out in the recruitment of Zhilian. The third-party fraud information base and online customer security risk assessment system have been purchased. The enterprise accounts of all posts published have been audited and the abnormal behavior has been warned by big data. At the same time, the electronic business license illumination system of the State Administration of Market Supervision and Administration was officially put into operation in June this year. Zhilian has now promoted the docking with the General Administration of Market Supervision and Administration to initiate the certification of electronic business license, so as to improve the efficiency of enterprise information inspection.

With the frequent occurrence of network security cases and the alarm bell ringing, the recruitment of Zhilian will continue through regular patrols, continuous upgrading of network security technology, and staff compliance education. It will cooperate with enterprises of the Sunshine and Honesty Alliance of the Internet, cooperate with public security organs to crack down on information security crimes according to law, protect usersinformation security, and maintain the industry. Healthy development.

Source: Editor-in-Charge of IT Home: Qiao Junjing_NBJ11279