Bug Official: Update arrives immediately

 Bug Official: Update arrives immediately

Strangely, the comments of the first few users can be traced back as early as May, but there was little feedback on the Bug in June. According to a report by Android Police, a foreign media, the impact of the OxyOS Bug is very limited compared with the previous exposure of several problems. But the Canadian-Canadian company also said on its official website that it was aware of the problem and would start repairing it.

It is reported that one plus seven Pro of Zhongzhao will shut down abruptly under normal operation and users can hardly light their mobile phone again. They can only wake up through FastBook mode (long press volume + power key). Although the problem is minor and the impact is small, it also makes some users of one plus seven Pro angry. But one plus one official is aware of the problem and is trying to eliminate the Bug.

If your partner who uses Plus 7Pro has encountered the same problem, please actively feedback to the Plus authorities and patiently wait for OTA updates in the near future.

Source: Editor-in-Charge of IT Home: Qiao Junjing_NBJ11279