What about hundreds of people in the regiment being hammered by the enemy? Its urgent to wait online.

 What about hundreds of people in the regiment being hammered by the enemy? Its urgent to wait online.

To attack the West from the east, the former enemy commands the position of self-chaos

Wilde, the commander of Caesars Legion, called a halt to the attack and quickly divided his forces. Nearly 10 teams, mainly soldiers and hunters, were sent to the front of the Yangwei Legion to wander and pull, and from time to time to make a large army attack on one of the routes. All this is in the eyes of the Wizard Kyle, who strictly forbids the front line to move without authorization in order to prevent the other side from breaking through the key points. His intention was that when the other side could not calm down and concentrate on the attack along the way, the other two routes would meet again.

The former enemy commanded the foot of self-chaos and drew the army out.

However, under the constant harassment and pull of the Caesar Legion, the former enemy commander of the Yangwei Legion eventually sank down and sent several teams to pursue the Caesar Legion one step at a time. When the other captains saw it, they thought that they had missed the counter-attack order, so they took people and killed them together. Seeing the chaos of the enemy, the Caesar Legion resolutely swung up and concentrated in the middle of the open area, intending to take this as a breakthrough and win the Yangwei Legion in one fell swoop!

A ghost commands an enemy like a God when he joins in a siege

Eventually, after nearly 100 people left behind in front of the Yangwei Legion were killed, the local advantages of playing more and playing less converged into the victory, which led to the direct defeat of the Caesar Legion! __________ Originally, the previous self-confusion was a good play directed by the wizard Kyle, whose purpose was to confuse his opponents and make plans: you want to attack the west? Then Im just getting the tiger out of the mountain! The pursuing troops dispatched do not return at all. They rush directly to the rear. They cant take care of each other at the beginning and the end.

Pick the fruits of victory

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