The first anniversary of Ronaldinhos transfer! Weight loss + greasy kicking, 34-year-old he turned against the weather?

 The first anniversary of Ronaldinhos transfer! Weight loss + greasy kicking, 34-year-old he turned against the weather?

On the occasion of the first anniversary, the glory of the club and the national team has added the fans of Ronaldo, who won the Serie A and UEFA Championship Cups, and Ronaldo. The 34-year-old Ronaldo has also shown another evolution in the past one year, which makes people extremely expectant.

Next, lets review the important transformation of Ronaldos career and see what surprises he can bring to us at the age of 34.

[The combination of personal efforts and historical processes, Ronaldo thanks Ferguson

Portuguese sport has an excellent youth training system, and their idea of forging wingers is highly praised. After the excellent products such as Figo and Simon, Ronaldo can be said to be a master.

Ronaldo, who arrived at Manchester United at the time, was still a thin teenager who was obsessed with the sidewalk, but Ferguson had high hopes for him because of his excellent foot speed, physical coordination and cutting-edge breakthroughs in his overall abilities. However, the Premier League was dominated by Mourinho and Chelsea, and Fergusons Manchester United began to seek a gradual shift in tactics and techniques.

Under the guidance of Mullenstin, Ronaldo began to learn from his predecessors, such as Giggs, and completed the transition to a first-class winger in nearly two seasons. At this time, Carlo began to become a super explosion point and countermeasure point of the right side in 442 tactics.

Fig. 1 + 2: In the first phase of the rush hour, Ronaldo became a strong point on the right road and a powerful propeller.

Sir Alex Fergusons greatness lies in his ability to deny himself and quickly complete his studies. After Saha left the team and Fanny joined Real Madrid, Manchester Uniteds tactical system completed the transition of continental currents, thus forming a good response to the center Rafael, Ronaldo, this winger retreat of the running and bombardment system.

In this system, Ronaldo began to be the top attacker in the world because of his strong physique, improved tactical awareness and excellent ability to capture the space of the stadium.

Figure 3: Ronaldos position at Manchester United as a result of transformation

Ronaldos transformation from a top winger to an attacker in the middle is visible to the naked eye.

[Left-leaning and center-leaning, Ronaldo uses his surging muscles to hammer himself into a siege hammer

After leaving Manchester United to join Real Madrid, Ronaldos position underwent an initial cruise and was gradually fixed on the left. At this level, Ronaldos shooting ability at the end of his Manchester United career has made him a left-wing attacker.

Relying on his excellent shooting ability, Ronaldo began to shoot frantically in-depth, with more than five shots per game in several seasons. Even if the subsequent encounter targeted blockade opponents, Ronaldo can still maintain a good offensive output. Seemingly derogatory shooter attributes, but it is the strongest recognition of Ronaldos ability to terminate, but also ultimately concealed Ronaldo joined Real Madrid in the first two seasons with an average of 3.3 breakthroughs and 2.5 key passes excellent auxiliary role.

Figure 4 + 5: Super shooting ability and the rapid leap on the left are the representative tactics of Ronaldo in the early days of Real Madrids career.

In the subsequent change of manager and the evolution of tactics, Ronaldo began to actively transform the system of serving the team. The difficulty of this transformation is very difficult to grasp. On the one hand, Ronaldo has developed super-strong ability to grab points and shoot, which can enable him to achieve the level of full forward in the middle; on the other hand, the negative factors brought by weight gain began to erupt.

As a result of strengthening his muscles to seek confrontation, especially the power before shooting and the position in hand-to-hand combat with his opponents, Ronaldos physical strength has increased dramatically, making his ability to hold the ball decline to a great extent. However, from the time of Carlo Ancelotti to the third consecutive Champions League under Zidane (mainly the 442 system), Ronaldo has successfully completed the transition to a midway hammer.

Figure 6: During his Real Madrid career, Ronaldo completed the transfer of the left rib to the restricted area.

[For the World Cup, Ronaldos Gambling Ability and Flexibility Return

In the last season of Real Madrid (17-18 season), another transformation of Ronaldo has begun quietly. Looking back, it was Ronaldos preparation for the Russian World Cup, and after 16 years of great success as a countermeasure center in the European Cup, Ronaldo began to increase his athletic ability.

Thus, we saw the 17-18 season in the Spanish Super Cup, he cut open Piques incomprehensible world wave, but also saw the World Cup against Spain in the classic World Cup, he retreated several times in series for Golders to send a wonderful straight plug.

Figure 7: In the Spanish Super Cup against Barcelona, Ronaldo scored with a brilliant incision to shake Pique off the far corner of the dead end.

Figure 8: Clever scoring breaks through Spains Front-court pressure, Ronaldos flexibility and athletic ability have gradually returned.

This change, let Ronaldo to a large extent began to withdraw more like outside the restricted area. Moreover, in the last season of Real Madrids game against Villarreal, Bell and Ronaldo, as two strikers, made a dramatic forward pass, which was Zidanes attempt to adjust his work for the following season. However, Bells injury and athletic decline, Ronaldos partner is still Benzema.

[Weight-loss and greasy old ball-skin kicking, Ronaldo has begun the anti-heavenly transformation again?

Compared with Real Madrid, Ronaldo has a significant weight loss trend. This trend is not only a demonstration of his increased athletic ability and physical coordination, but also a supplement to his golf merchantseffect (after the 14-15 season, Ronaldos style of play has changed not only because of the way he plays, but also because of the super-golfers he shows on the spot).

In the game, he began to choose more appropriate distance with the defensive players, then maximize the completion of concise series response, and then rely on his excellent running position directly into the opponents defensive hinterland to complete a fatal blow.

Figure 9 + 10: A direct demonstration of the improvement of Ronaldos athletic ability and coordination

Fig. 9 is Juves Champions League match against Ajax. After a quick tandem between Ronaldo and Brinde, we can see that Ronaldo has shown a strong coordination between the players and the body in guaranteeing the distance between the ball and the shot after the shot. Fig. 10 is the Europa League final against the Netherlands. Ronaldo is very good at receiving, stopping and turning shocks. He can maximize the safety of ball rights while his opponents close-to-hand combat, coordination and sporting ability recover. Moreover, his fast dividing is also in place.

Now, Ronaldos football has begun to seek simplicity. He is no longer young. He is minimizing the time he holds the ball and the distance he drives. Relying on oneself as the pivot point, we can quickly complete the commander tower role of speed-up attack.

Fig. 11: The Europa League still played against the Netherlands. Ronaldinho retracted the ball and passed it in seconds. Unfortunately, Ronaldo and his former team-mates were both subject to foul restrictions from the Netherlands.


Every transformation of Ronaldos career has brought great success. This is not only the result of his personal efforts, but also in line with the historical evolution of modern football.

During his time at Manchester United, Ronaldo became a top winger, and together with Manchester United, he completed the continental evolution, thus becoming a top Front-court cruise attacker; after joining Real Madrid, Ronaldo gradually moved from the left rib area to the restricted area to become a top shooter; and at the national team level and in addition, he became a top shooter. After League Juventus, Ronaldo regained his athletic ability and coordination, but he was like an old basketball player who could hardly be prevented by his opponents when he sought to simplify his playing style.

Although he is over 34 years old, Ronaldos athletic ability and coordination are now returning because of weight loss. His simplified kicking method will enable him to maintain a strong offensive ability. Surreys main force has reached a point where he cant control the ball. Ronaldos terminal ability is the core weapon of positional warfare, and his coping ability has made full preparations for Juves next attack.

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