E-commerce platform openly sells eight-two scales sellers: want to adjust a few kilograms to adjust a few kilograms

 E-commerce platform openly sells eight-two scales sellers: want to adjust a few kilograms to adjust a few kilograms

Recently, Mr. Zhang, a citizen of Chengdu, reported to upstream journalists that he had seen in a group of Wechat that someone had recommended an electronic weighing scale that could adjust its weight at will through video. On July 10, according to the purchase method provided by the vendors in the video, upstream journalists searched a number of similar electronic scales on an e-commerce platform. The product pages were marked with business scales at will and adjustable weight. At the time of publication, the related goods were still on sale.

According to the Metrology Law of the Peoples Republic of China, it is illegal to manufacture, sell and use cheating scales for the purpose of deceiving consumers. If the circumstances are serious, they will also be investigated for criminal responsibility. Legal experts say that e-commerce platforms have an obligation to prohibit such violations.

Through the remote control, the weighing value can be easily changed. Video capture

The demonstration video provided by the scales vendors shows that when the vendors stand on the electronic scales, the number on the display screen is initially 76.6 kilograms, and quickly switched to 84.4 kilograms and 88.2 kilograms.

The upstream journalist noticed that the secret of the change in weighing numbers lies in the remote control operated by the vendors. You can adjust it by yourself, as many kilograms as you want.

According to the chat screenshots provided by Mr. Zhang, the video was forwarded to a vendors Wechat group for promotion, and the salesperson also reminded that young people nowadays have no concept of weight, nor can they feel more than two kilograms, nor too much.

An electronic weighing scale with adjustable weight is being sold on an e-commerce platform.

According to the above-mentioned vendorsguidance, the reporter opened the App of the e-commerce platform and searched for the keyword eight-two scales. Then there were many related commodities showing that the functions of adjusting the weight of commodities and remote control were mentioned. The unit price was lower than 100 yuan, while the price was higher than 500 yuan. Reporters used the same keywords to search on other large e-commerce platforms such as Jingdong and Taobao, but no similar goods were found.

As an ordinary buyer, upstream journalists contacted the online shop of Wang Xiaoxie, an e-commerce platform. The seller wrote the key words 82 electronic scales and 82 adjustable electronic scales in the name of the commodity. In the introduction of the commodity, adjustable weight was also the selling point. When the upstream journalist asked if the product could be adjusted and how much weight it could be adjusted, the seller said, You can adjust as much as you want, and you can adjust it yourself, while assuring the journalist to use it. It will never be seen. According to the store data, 18 customers have purchased the product.

The seller guarantees, absolutely not to be seen.

Upstream journalists have noticed that the media have reported the phenomenon of fraudulent scales sold on e-commerce platforms. Electronic scales with adjustable passwords are not allowed, the quality inspection department said. Article 27 of the Metrology Law of the Peoples Republic of China clearly stipulates that Whoever manufactures, sells or uses measuring instruments for the purpose of deceiving consumers shall confiscate measuring instruments and illegal income and be fined; if the circumstances are serious, the persons directly responsible for the individual or unit shall be investigated for criminal responsibility in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Criminal Law.

Zhang Yun, a professor at the School of Law of China Metrology University who participated in the revision and demonstration of the Metrology Law of the Peoples Republic of China, said that after receiving complaints and discovering similar illegal acts, the network platform has the obligation to take further measures to prohibit such illegal acts.

Source: Upstream News Responsible Editor: Gu Yunting_NBJS8499