A successive death dissection of the Nara deer revealed that plastic bags in the stomach were screwed into lumps.

 A successive death dissection of the Nara deer revealed that plastic bags in the stomach were screwed into lumps.

Deer in Nara eating plastic bags (Kyodo)

Overseas Network July 10, Nara Park is one of the scenic spots in Japan, where about 1200 deer live. These deer have been designated as national natural monuments by the Japanese government and are also very popular with tourists. However, in recent years, deer in Nara have died one after another. Japanese media call the culprit plastic bags and other plastic waste.

Plastic bags found in the stomach of deer (Kyodo)

A total of 14 deer have died since March 2019, according to the Deer Care Society of Nara Park, a deer protection group, according to NHK Television Station of Japan on October 10. Nine of them have found plastic waste such as plastic bags in their stomachs. Plastic bags and snack bags have been twisted into lumps. The largest lump weighs 4.3 kilograms. Workers said that three of the direct causes of death were the plastic waste.

According to Asahi Shimbun, a dead Nara deer in April had a plastic bag foreign body weighing up to 3.2 kilograms in its abdomen, which was a hard piece wrapped in a plastic bag. Anatomical veterinarians said that the deer may be aging due to old age, but its body is very thin, its hair is not lustrous, and its stomach is blocked by plastic, which may be due to inadequate nutrition and death.

Volunteers pick up garbage in Nara (NHK TV)

The death of deer caused by eating plastic bags by mistake has attracted the attention of relevant organizations. On the 10th, after 8 years in Nara Park, another garbage collection activity was held in the park. 140 volunteers participated in the activity.

After an hour and a half, 53 kilograms of garbage such as plastic bags and empty cans have been found. The Deer Care Club in Nara said that garbage collection activities will also be held from time to time in the future.

A 20-year-old volunteer in Nara said: I read the news that plastic bags were the cause of deers death, and I was shocked. I hope visitors can take the garbage back and dont stay here. Its surprising that theres more garbage than I thought, said Lucun Haokao, director of the Nara Deer Care Association. He appealed to overseas tourists to come here for garbage collection.

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