Hangzhou 1-year-old boys downstairs playground was hit by a car and his family collapsed crying

 Hangzhou 1-year-old boys downstairs playground was hit by a car and his family collapsed crying

Today (July 10) around 1 p.m., Qianjiang Evening News and Zhejiang 24-hour hotline 96068 received reader reports that a small boy in a residential district in Xiasha, Hangzhou, was hit by a private car and seriously injured.

Reporters learned from the traffic police department that at about 11:30 on July 10, 2019, Yue Mou (male, 35 years old) had a traffic accident with Ma Mou (male, 18 months) who rented a small ordinary bus, Zhejiang AM37*, while driving in the inner corridor of Xinyuan District, Qiantang New Area (Xiasha).

The boy was playing downstairs with his 5-year-old sister at the time of the accident.

After the boy was hit, he was immediately rushed to Shao Yifu Hospital Xiasha Hospital for rescue. Because of his serious injury, he was transferred to Erbao Binjiang Hospital for rescue.

I dont know what happened. The car suddenly rushed over and knocked my grandson down. Outside the emergency room, the boys grandfather was sad.

At 2 p.m., unfortunate news still came. Although the doctor tried his best to rescue him, the boy left.

Outside the emergency room, the boys mother collapsed on the ground and cried, while her 5-year-old sister squatted aside and wept silently.

Family members came one after another, and everyone was very sad.

The traffic police department is investigating the specific cause of the accident. The reporter of Zhejiang 24-hour Qianjiang Evening News is rushing to the scene of the accident.

At 4 p.m., a reporter from Zhejiang 24-hour-Qianjiang Evening News came to Xinyiyuan District, Xiasha Xinyuan Community, Hangzhou. The blood of the children was still preserved in the inner passage of the district where the children were involved.

According to nearby witnesses, the accident happened at 11:46 noon, when the boy was sitting on the road inside the community playing. A white car was parked five or six meters away from the boy. The white car may be trying to turn around in the passage, but I dont think I saw the child, so I pushed the child down with one foot of the accelerator. Residents said.

After the accident, the owner and the boys family members took the child into the car for the first time and sent him to the hospital.

Source: Responsible Editor of Qianjiang Evening News: Chengyu_NBJ11143