Vladimir Putins generous gesture was abused by Georgian hosts: continue broadcasting without sanctions

 Vladimir Putins generous gesture was abused by Georgian hosts: continue broadcasting without sanctions

On July 7, a Georgian host greeted Russian President Vladimir Putin and his family on television, intensifying deep contradictions between the two countries. Subsequently, the Russian Parliament believed that Georgia should be sanctioned and requested that the presiding officer be put on criminal record.

Putin responded today: I will not do this out of respect for the Georgian people.

He also said that the anchorman could continue his career because it would make him very prominent.

Reuters reported that the Russian State Duma (lower house of parliament) agreed today that further economic sanctions should be imposed on Georgia. Including: banning the import of Georgian red wine, mineral water; freezing the property of Georgians in Russia, etc.

Russian parliamentarians also believe that Georgia should be asked to arrest the host and extradite him to Russia for criminal filing.

Subsequently, after attending the second Global Summit on Manufacturing and Industrialization today, Putin himself told Russian TV 24, As for the various sanctions against Georgia, out of respect for the Georgian people, I will not do so. Putin pointed out, For these people, in order to restore a comprehensive relationship between Russia and Georgia, I will not take anything that will complicate our relationship.

Putin also objected to the case investigation, saying that the program would make the Georgian host very prominent and let him continue to broadcast.

Video screenshot of the Georgian host who abused Putin on the show

But Putin also mentioned that he had told former Georgian President Saakashvili that under no circumstances could military action be taken against Abkhazia and South Ossetia. I also said this to the Americans, under no circumstances. But what did they do? Bring the fire there, and you know it.

In response to the current anti-Russian activities in Georgia, including the insults to himself by the anchors, Putin said that those who create an anti-Russian atmosphere in Georgia either do not understand history or do not understand it, but deliberately ignore it, the result is irreparable harm to Georgia.

Vladimir Putins Interview Picture from Russian TV 24

It should be noted that Putin announced on 22 June that Russian Airlines flights to Georgia had been suspended since 8 July. This was due to the contradiction between the two countries during the plenary session of the 26th Orthodox Parliamentary Assembly on June 20.

Georgias Rustavi-2 TV host, Gabnia, abused Putin and his deceased parents in the program on the 7th, arousing strong discontent among some residents of Georgia. Hundreds of people surrounded the station on the 7th evening, demanding the resignation of the president of Gabnia and TV station.

Video snapshot of protestors arguing with staff: Russian Satellite Agency

The Observer Network found that the station played an important propaganda role in the Rose Revolution that brought former President Saakashvili to power in 2003, and subsequently became the countrys largest private broadcasting company. Russias satellite news agency directly said that it was an opposition media.

Rustavi-2 television station issued a statement the next day (8) to apologize for Gabonias remarks. On the same day, Georgiatoday reported that Gabonia had been suspended for two months.

Source: Observers Responsible Editor: Gu Yunting_NBJS8499