Too rampant! More than 100,000 hotel rooms were captured by the police.

 Too rampant! More than 100,000 hotel rooms were captured by the police.

From the camera incident in the fitting room of Shenzhen Uniqlo to the hidden pinhole camera in the socket of a hotel room in Zhengzhou, and then to a rental house in Foshan where the landlords son installed the pinhole camera to photograph the tenants, since June this year, frequent hotel, shopping mall and rental room photography events have been everywhere and overwhelmingly prevented. How rampant is camera photography?

Recently, Nandu reporters found that all kinds of micro cameras can be easily purchased on the Internet, and even some common household appliances such as exhaust fans, routers, sockets, rechargeable treasures, razors and so on can be used to convert them into cameras. The seller claims that samples can be customized and modified according to demand.

Behind the cameras, there is a BLACK-GREY industrial chain of illegal installation, uploading, sharing and trading.

Previously, some police exposed that illegal elements illegally installed hidden cameras in hotels, rental houses, shopping malls and other places, and took pictures of tenantsprivacy videos, which were photographed by the private videos were traded layer by layer as a profit-making tool.

Nandu Journalists survey found that users can see the images in the camera through the App matched with the camera, and many people directly sell high-quality family, hotel videos through the network channel, claiming that they can permanently watch the real-time content in the camera.

Sellers showed Nandu reporters a snapshot of one of the cameras showing a pair of men and women lying naked on a bed similar to a hotel, and guaranteed that each camera had content to see. For 168 yuan, they could buy a set of 20 Hotel family-to-bed quality IDs. It is noteworthy that the seller also sells software claiming to be able to auto-crack with one key, unrestricted crack and support the national city positioning crack, at a price of 198 yuan.

Zhao Zheng, a researcher at the Intellectual Property Research Center of China University of Political Science and Law, reminds us that photography should be considered from two aspects: the act of taking pictures and what video after taking pictures is used to do. The former belongs to the scope of the Law on Administrative Penalties for Public Security, but if there are other acts after taking pictures, it may constitute a criminal offence and we should pursue taking pictures. The criminal responsibility of the person concerned.

Eighty percent of hotels have cameras? Measurements show that micro cameras can be easily purchased.

In June this year, Zhengzhou Yutai Hotel was found to have pinhole cameras in the power socket opposite the bed. In an interview with the media, the hotel official said that pinhole cameras are installed in 80% of the hotel and some people want to install this thing to take pictures of the privacy of the guests to sell money.

After the police found out the case, the camera was not installed by the hotel. According to the @Pingan Zhengzhou circular, the suspect Xie Mou purchased pinhole camera equipment online and used the opportunity of accommodation to install and photograph other peoples privacy in the hotel room.

After the case was disclosed, 80% of hotels are equipped with cameras was also pushed on the microblog hot search. Nandu reporters found that the cameras used for shooting crimes are not only full-featured and concealed, but also only about the size of a dollar coin, which can be easily purchased on major shopping websites.

Nandu reporters searched for keywords such as pinhole camera, camera pinhole, pinhole camera, camera camera shooting in Taobao and other places. The results showed that the above keywords were blocked by the platform. However, only by changing the keyword camera to search, there are all kinds of powerful micro, mini, hidden cameras. Many commodities sell thousands of pieces in a month, and the above keywords shielded by the platform can also be displayed in the product introduction.

These powerful micro-cameras usually sell for between $100 and $400, mostly with functions such as remote monitoring, intelligent face detection, high-definition night vision, off-line video, built-in battery ultra-long endurance and so on.

Taking Taobaos wireless mini-camera as an example, the merchandise introduction said that the camera supports mobile remote real-time monitoring, automatic human body induction, standby for one year, plug-in and wiring-free, built-in invisible infrared lights, no light during the day and night. In the comment area, good installation and concealment, unmanned video standby and not easy to be found and other similar evaluations have appeared many times.

The experience of using the camera released by the buyer was accompanied by a videotape of suspected female studentsrental rooms.

Browsing the commentary area of the hot-selling camera, Nandu reporters unexpectedly found that Taobao buyers released their experience of using it, and a video picture taken by a camera was suspected to be taken by a rental house. The camera was positioned in front of the bed.

The buyer commented that the camera was powerful, practical, clear, and black is a good hiding machine. Some netizens responded to this comment: Girlsroom, Default abnormality of imbedding photograph and Suggestion of alarm treatment. The display page shows that the camera can be sold at a price ranging from 338 yuan to 558 yuan according to the capacity of the memory card. In 30 days, it has sold more than 5,000 pieces recently.

Household appliances can be retrofitted to install pinhole camera and install App for real-time remote playback.

Miniature cameras can be easily bought online, and photography has become so simple. Nandu reporters learned that all kinds of micro cameras sold on e-commerce platforms not only have the above functions, but also have real-time viewing and monitoring. They only need to download and install an App, and after completing the relevant settings, they can log in to the account and play the camera to take pictures in real time.

Nandu reporters searched for the keyword camera, and randomly selected a high-volume micro-camera. The seller told Nandu that with the camera, there is an application called ** CAM, which can be downloaded from the application store and installed on mobile terminals such as mobile phones and IPAD. After searching the camera ID, the camera can view the real-time picture taken by the camera.

The seller said the App is dedicated to the camera and does not support other brands of cameras. In the application store, Nandu reporters found dozens of remote viewing applications that supported cameras. Some netizens left messages saying that these cameras were mainly used to shoot hey hey hey hey. Other netizens expressed concern about personal privacy: The video downloaded to the mobile phone is missing, and the destination is unknown, The video of other peoples living room is on my software, worrying about the possibility of crosslinking.

On the one hand, it has a powerful stealth camera function, and on the other hand, it iteratively updates the video recording equipment.

Nandu reporters found that some common household appliances and common objects, such as exhaust fans, electric fans, routers, sockets, air conditioners, shower heads, water cups, charging treasures, shavers and so on, are also used to convert into cameras.

On June 20, a tenant in Sanshui, Foshan, Guangdong, found a pinhole camera on the exhaust fan of the toilet of his rented rental house. The owner said that the electrified interface of the camera and the top lamp of the toilet and the exhaust fan are connected in series, and the built-in wireless Wi-Fi can be broadcast live. Afterwards, the public security organ found out that the camera was installed by the landlords son to photograph the privacy of the tenant. The man was sentenced by the public security organ to administrative detention for 10 days according to law.

Wireless Mini Camera HD Night Vision, support customized samples! Hundreds of designs + WX photo albums , which is a merchandise introduction released by a sellers on the idle fish, with pictures showing pinhole cameras with power sockets, sockets and various kinds of home appliances modified.

Idle fish sellers say they can customize all kinds of pinhole cameras.

Nandu reporters then added it as Weixin friends, Weixin nicknamed new technology sellers, pinhole cameras can be customized, various styles, support remote real-time viewing, video recordings can be replayed according to customer requirements.

In the sellers Wechat circle of friends, various customized cameras are displayed, including modified charging treasures, shavers, air fresheners, clocks and watches, car keys, calendars, glasses, routers, light bulb base, mosquito repellents, and many other trading screenshots.

Someone in the circle of friends wantonly sold photographic pinhole cameras, and said that they can be customized privately.

Nandu reporter inquired about the price of a five-hole socket modified camera, the other side charged 380 yuan, but also packaged a ticket saying that it is not easy to be found, you can pay a deposit, full payment on arrival. Up to the press release, the product showed sold on the idle fish, and the sellers Wechat also showed several transaction records of camera modification.

App account password 168 yuan for webcam can buy 20 Bed-to-Bed Quality ID

It is understood that if you need to view the images taken by the camera, you often need to install the corresponding App.

The Nandu Journalists survey found that some Internet vendors are targeting the passwords (ID) of these Apps. They can make profits by selling the passwords of the cracked camera App account. Dozens of camera IDs can be bought for a price of one or two hundred yuan. Sellers bid 168 yuan to buy a hotel family to bed quality ID group of 20, and to the Nandu reporter assured, Every one has content.

Sellers said that there are also one-button automatic cracking software, unlimited cracking and support for the national urban location cracking, selling for 198 yuan, that is, through cracking software, buyers can operate by themselves, crack the ID of any camera App, and watch at will.

Nandu reporters found sellers selling camera App on the Internet. One of the sellers said that there were related packages for sale, including 178 yuan for packages of exquisite 5 families 10 hotels, 268 yuan for packages of exquisite 8 families 12 hotels and 388 yuan for packages of exquisite 10 families 15 hotels.

Its so-called 5 families 10 hotels, that is, 5 camera IDs installed in the home and 10 camera IDs installed in the hotel room. 400 yuan will buy the permanent excellent explosion cracking software. After communication, the seller also said that he could concede to 100 yuan to sell the exquisite 5 families 10 hotel package.

In order to prove that the ID he sold is expected to be available, the seller showed a video capture of a camera at 22:00 p.m. on July 8 to Nandu reporters. The camera was set on the top of a room similar to a hotel, with lights on and a camera pointed at the bed. There was a pair of naked men and women lying on the bed. According to the seller, the camera ID is not only sold, but also can be viewed permanently.

Subsequently, Nandu reporters learned to another seller that in addition to the boutique family, hotel package, 268 yuan can buy camera cracking software, you can crack camera ID yourself. The seller also provided snapshots of recent cameras showing the two men having sex without clothes.

In addition, there are sellers said that 168 yuan can buy a hotel family bed-to-bed quality ID group of 20, the package price is favorable, buy less price will be expensive. Eventually, many of these vendors offered to sell the camera ID at a lower price.

Illegal modification, photography, upload, trade camera photography hidden behind the black industry chain

In many privacy videos, the shooting angle is usually the ceiling, the corner with a shield or the object inside a room, which is obviously taken without the partys knowledge. So, where do these videos and other video data eventually flow? How to become a tool for illegal elements to make profits?

Nandu reporters found that behind the camera cameras, there is a black industrial chain of illegal installation, upload, sharing, trading and trading.

Illegal elements illegally install hidden cameras in hotels, rental houses, shopping malls and other places to take pictures of tenantsprivacy videos; the privacy videos taken by camera are transferred layer by layer, and the recorded videos are sold at marked prices; others directly advertise on the Internet, sell hotel cameras to watch accounts, and purchase accounts can be broadcast in real time. Many people watched.

In March this year, the Shandong Jining Public Security Bureau cracked a case of illegal photography and infringement of citizen information. After the suspect purchased a smart camera through the Internet, he dismantled the camera shell and changed it into a hidden camera, which was installed in Hotel chandeliers, air conditioners and other concealed places, and watched through the smart camera App software downloaded by mobile phones. Cover the camera to return the screen, and send back the nude, indecent shot screenshots to the offline agent. The offline agent publishes screenshots through Wechat and QQ groups, attracting netizens to buy cameras to watch accounts.

Some vendors said that the camera has real-time live broadcasting function, downloading App can be viewed remotely.

Obviously, this is a black industry chain consisting of people who illegally erect cameras, account agents and viewers in hotels. Cameras hidden in Hotel rooms, each camera can be shared for multiple viewers at the same time, as well as live broadcasting, playback and download viewing functions.

According to the police, each viewing account will be sold to the agent at a price ranging from 100 to 300 yuan per month, and the agent will be sold to the lower agent or netizen at a price ranging from 200 to 400 yuan. Individual agents will also download the video returned by hidden cameras and store it in the network disk. They will sell the account of the network disk at a price of 20-60 yuan through Wechat and QQ.

When the police collected the Internet, more than 100,000 videos of hotel rooms were captured, and more than 300 satellite webcams were seized for committing crimes.

Who protects the privacy of live broadcasters when video camera shooting happens frequently?

From the camera incident in the fitting room of Shenzhen Uniqlo to the hidden pinhole camera in the socket of a hotel room in Zhengzhou, and then to a rental house in Foshan where the landlords son installed the pinhole camera to photograph the tenants, since June this year, frequent photographic incidents in hotels, shopping malls and rental rooms have made people feel that the camera is everywhere and prevented. There is no defence.

From the legal point of view, this kind of eavesdropping equipment is prohibited from production and sale, and it is illegal to photograph and disseminate other peoples private video. How to stop the emergence of such videotaping from the root? How to better protect personal privacy? Some netizens think that stopping videotaping should start with increasing punishment.

Article 42 of the Law on Administrative Penalties for Public Security clearly stipulates that whoever peeps, photographs, eavesdrops or disseminates other peoples privacy shall be detained for not more than five days or fined not more than 500 yuan; if the circumstances are serious, he shall be detained for not less than five days but not more than ten days, and may also be fined not more than 500 yuan.

In the above-mentioned photographic cases, many netizens believe that it is difficult to deter photographers by imposing administrative detention or fines alone.

Zhao Zheng, a researcher at the Intellectual Property Research Center of China University of Political Science and Law, said that the shooting incident should be considered from two aspects: the act of taking pictures and what video is used to do after taking pictures. The former belongs to the scope of the Law on Administrative Penalties for Public Security, but if there are other acts after taking pictures, it may constitute a criminal offence. To pursue the criminal responsibility of the photographer.

What would you do if you had a pinhole camera taking pictures? Recently, the media launched a survey on this, the results show that more than 80% of netizens choose to alarm, find police, lawyers to deal with. Undoubtedly, in the face of anti-camera, most people choose to fight back resolutely.

Many netizens also share anti-camera strategies online, such as checking whether there is a pinhole camera in the room with a mobile phone camera when staying in a hotel, but this method is only applicable to the camera with infrared function. To prevent being photographed in an all-round way, more than one or two homework may be done.

Zhao Zhanzhan said that if it was found that the camera was being photographed at that time, it should call the police in time to safeguard its rights and interests. If it is found that it has been photographed after the incident, it is necessary to collect and retain the certificate.

Source: Southern Metropolitan Daily

(Editor: Huang Liangdong)

Source: Liable Editor of Southern Metropolitan Daily: Qiao Junjing_NBJ11279