The first time my husband acted on me, I called the police. To be happy, the bottom line of marriage must be kept.

 The first time my husband acted on me, I called the police. To be happy, the bottom line of marriage must be kept.

At first, Zhao Fang thought it was ridiculous to look at him, but after a long time, Zhao Fang was reluctant.

But every time I was with my sister-in-law, my husband would let her go shopping with her arm, leaving Zhao Fang aside. In the car, my sister-in-law would sit in the co-driver and order Zhao Fang to sit behind.

Every time Zhao Fang heard this, she was angry and looked at their brothers and sisters, who were sweet and sweet. She was like an outsider, and Zhao Fang was even more uncomfortable.

But Zhao Fang really didnt think that her tolerance would make her husband advance inch by inch.

Zhao Fang thought that her husband might not want to move, so she hit a basin of water and brought it to him. She also thought that she should give him enough face.

Unexpectedly, my husband suddenly kicked the basin over and scolded, I want to wash it, but I dont want to wash it. What kind of mouth do you have? You also ordered me, what are you? Originally, the husband felt that Zhao Fang ordered himself in front of his family, so that he had no face.

After that, Zhao Fang turned his head and left. She was hit by her husband who said she had no face. Zhao Fang was deceived, and her parents-in-law and sister-in-law just pulled a little, without much interference.

Zhao Fang looked at the family and felt extremely cold. After her husband had finished calling her to vent, she picked up her mobile phone and called the police.

Zhao Fangs actions confused the stunned family. They first ordered Zhao Fang to call the police and say, Home ugliness should not be publicized. But in Zhao Fangyis words, Nobody dares to move me from childhood to adulthood. This is the first time, the best and the last time. If there is another time, we will. See you in court, I let your whole family cant eat and walk around. After that, the whole family got angry.

Because Zhao Fang didnt sue, so her husband put it back in a few days. From that day on, Zhao Fang changed the way she used to be an angry little daughter-in-law and did her duty well, but she did not do much housework.

She found that her parents-in-law and sister-in-law, who used to do housework, would now take the initiative to do housework and share it with her, and would no longer dictate to her, but respectfully.

Actually, people are bullying and afraid of hard work. When you show strength, others will weigh when they want to bully you. When you show weakness, everyone wants to step on you a few times.

You can be a kind person, but your kindness must have claws. Only in this way can you protect yourself and the people you love.

In Indias talk show Truth Talk, there is an issue about domestic violence.

They say, if he hits you, you have to fight back bravely and ruthlessly.

You see, this is the essence of marriage and life. We dont advocate violence, but we cant be a weak person. Let everyone know that I cant bully. Sometimes this is not only a protection for yourself, but also a guarantee for your marriage.

Like Zhao Fang mentioned in the previous story, in fact, her marriage has come to this stage, but also her own problems. Her persistent tolerance has helped her husbands temper and made him enjoy the pleasure of male chauvinism more and more. But in fact, if she showed her attitude at the beginning, maybe her husband would converge and not make trouble for the police.