Xia Lian: Rockets reverse King Hattensteins sprained ankle and left in a wheelchair

 Xia Lian: Rockets reverse King Hattensteins sprained ankle and left in a wheelchair

RocketsClark scored 24 points and eight rebounds, Clemens scored 20 points, Williams and Chioza scored 10 points each, and Chioza had 10 assists. Kings Gay scored 16 points, Gabriel 13 points and 6 rebounds, Christian 13 points and Thompson 10 points.

The Kings did well in the first three quarters, with a 67-63 lead of 4 points at the end of the three quarters. The Rockets started the last quarter with a quick start. Edwards, Clemens and Thomas led the team to a 15-2 counter-attack climax, and the Rockets surpassed 9 points. The Kings were unwilling to show their weakness. They responded quickly and once regained the lead. Clemens and Clark joined hands to give the Rockets a 94-90 lead by four points. Mika had a good second offense, Clemens missed two penalties, the Kings had no time to attack, and they were defeated by the Rockets.

Los Angeles Clipper 90-72 Washington Wizards

Robinson scored 17 points, Mann scored 15 points, 11 rebounds and 9 assists. They led the team to double-digit advantage in the first half and then dominated the game. The Clippers took the Wizards lightly.

The WizardsBacun Bastion truce. The Clippers attacked a lot in the first half. They blossomed a lot and took the lead early. At the end of the half, they led by 50-39 and 11 points. Although the Wizards attempted to counter-attack in the third quarter, the Clippers firmly controlled the situation and won easily.

Although Barrett scored 17 points, 10 rebounds and six assists, the Raptors established a big lead by two or three quarters and beat the Knicks. The Raptors ended their second consecutive defeat and the Knicks suffered three consecutive defeats.

Baucher of the Raptors scored 23 points and 7 rebounds, Miller scored 19 points and 8 rebounds, Hernandez scored 16 points and 11 rebounds. KnicksBarrett scored 17 points, 10 rebounds, 6 assists and 3 blocked shots in 6 of 14 shots, Knox scored 15 points and 5 rebounds, Robinson scored 13 points and 14 rebounds, and Kavanav scored 10 points and 4 rebounds.

Under Barretts leadership, the Knicks had a four-point lead in the first quarter. However, the Raptors hit an offensive climax in the second and third quarters. In the second quarter, they hit a single 28-11 attack wave. They overtook the lead in one fell swoop. At the end of the three quarters, the Raptors led by 67-47 by 20 points. The Knicks fought back at the end of the game, but it didnt help.

Croatian 76-84 Oklahoma City Thunder

Helvey of the Thunder team scored 13 points and 5 rebounds, Carrington scored 12 points, 4 rebounds and 5 assists, Diallo scored 11 points, Grantham scored 11 points and 3 assists, and Hall scored 10 points. Kakaren of Croatia scored 13 points, Maric scored 12 points and 4 rebounds, Malchinkovic scored 12 points, Sarkozy scored 11 points and 7 rebounds.

Miami Heat 96-92 Orlando Magic

Indiana Walker 67-87 Atlanta Eagle

The HawksHilbert scored 21 points, Brown 18 points, McCarr 15 points, seven rebounds and four assists, and Wim Bush 10 points and five rebounds. Johnson of the Pacers scored 18 points and 10 rebounds, Pussel scored 16 points and 6 rebounds, and Alston scored 10 points, 5 rebounds and 4 assists.

The Hawks rookie Hunt was absent because of knee pain, but their overall strength was stronger than their opponents. Under the leadership of Hilbert, Brown, McCarr and others, the Hawks gradually established their advantages, and they beat the Pacers.

Portland Pioneer 93-97 Jazz Utah

Kidd scored three points in the fourth quarter to help the team regain its lead, Bradley scored two penalties to lock in the win, and the Jazz beat the Blazers.

Harvey scored 19 points, Evans 15 points and five assists. They led the team to control the Suns and the Grizzlies won three consecutive victories.

The two sides competed fiercely on the court, and the Grizzlies gradually established their leading position. They withstood many shocks from the Suns, and the Grizzlies won the game smoothly.

Denver Nuggets 82-95 Boston Celtics

Edwards scored 23 points, Williams scored 16 points and eight rebounds. They led the team to establish the winning game by using the fourth quarter offense. Celtics beat the Nuggets and won three consecutive wins.

Edwards of Celtics scored 23 points, Williams scored 16 points and 8 rebounds, Green scored 13 points and 4 rebounds, Waters scored 12 points and 5 assists, and Strauss scored 12 points and 5 rebounds. Goodwin of the Nuggets scored 28 points and four assists, Van der Bitt scored 12 points and 12 rebounds, Welsh scored 11 points and 8 rebounds, and Davis scored 10 points.

At the end of the three quarters, the Nuggets led by one point 62-61, but the Celtics fired in the final quarter. They scored 34 points in a single quarter, establishing a double-digit advantage, and the Celtics overturned the Nuggets.