Daughter of the deceased in the playground burial case in Hunan Province: Applying for the death of his father

 Daughter of the deceased in the playground burial case in Hunan Province: Applying for the death of his father

Deng Shi took photos with his family in his lifetime

On June 20, 2019, on the playground of Xinhuang No. 1 Middle School in Hunan Province, a 16-year-old remains gradually emerged. Standing on the scene, Deng Lin (a pseudonym) could no longer suppress her sadness and cry.

Sixteen years ago, her father, Deng Shiping, was an employee of the General Affairs Office of Xinhuang No. 1 Middle School. Deng Lin, 23, was at school in Changsha at that time. She also had a 15-year-old brother and four happy families. But who could have imagined the sudden disappearance of her father? Deng Lin and her family had been searching for 16 years. What they had expected, but most unwilling, was the result.

On July 9, a reporter from China Business Daily interviewed Deng Lin, daughter of Deng Shiping, the deceased in the Hunan playground burial. She told us about her 16-year experience of blood and tears with the family, which made people sigh and admire at the same time.

My father taught fourth grade mathematics.

Worried about being late for work

A slap from a daughter who rubbed.

China Business Daily: Lawyer said you were applying for the death of your father? How is the progress now?

Deng Lin: The application for fathers death at work is still in progress. At present, we are still actively preparing materials. The lawyer said that everything has been done and will show me.

China Business News: How is your mother now? Listen to your brother say she has been difficult to let go, because long tears eyes are not good?

Deng Lin: After the accident, my mother cried for several years. At that time, she said that she would not have lived without my brother and me. Sixteen years later, she is strong now. Mother is very difficult, she is a rural woman, has never worked in her life, introverted personality, but she knows in her heart that her father was murdered. For more than 20 years, the family was run by his father, who earned more than 500 yuan a month. After the father was gone, the mother was at a loss for a moment and cried all the time. Especially in the first few years when the father was away, there was no laughter in the family. Even so, my mother had to be strong. She continued to send her brother to study art and rented out the four-storey building in order to support my sons tuition and subsidize my life after graduation from university.

Chinese Business Daily: Many people say that your father is a hero. What kind of image is your father in your heart?

Deng Lin: Integrity, justice, thrift, humour and principle are very strong. We attach great importance to education. Father often said before his death: Chinese articles must be of educational significance to the nation. I can still remember my fathers voice. The only time my father hit me was because of school problems. When I was six years old and in the first grade of elementary school, my father taught fourth grade math in the same school. I hesitated for a while before going to school. My father was worried about being late for work and slapped me in a hurry.

China Business Daily: After the fathers case, why did you escape from Xinhuang? Was there any threat?

Deng Lin: We didnt run away, just didnt want to see this sad place. So my brother and I moved to Huaihua with my mother and uncle. There, we got a lot of help from relatives and friends.

Always looking forward to miracles

I am so strong in my heart through all kinds of exercises.

China Business Daily: How have you and your family survived for 16 years? Especially your brother, who later went to college, is really admirable!

Deng Lin: Only in adversity can I grow up. After crying, I continue to work hard. This is a portrait of my real life. Over the years, a person has worked hard to start a business. Re-employment, re-entrepreneurship... Countless falls, countless times to stand up tenaciously, countless times to lock the door after work crying, and then wipe away tears to continue learning to work, countless times to go home to hide downstairs crying and then go upstairs, and then continue to strive to persist, the purpose is to make themselves strong, stronger, strong enough to be possible. In order to help his father sink injustice. But because my character is similar to my fathers, I dont make much money in business, but my business is also a just cause, so it will be very hard to run.

Because the younger brother was only 15 when his father disappeared, a lively boy became introverted, which had a great impact on him. After graduating from college, he followed his classmates to Changsha to sell hotel supplies, worked in a computer company, went to his classmateslaw office to help, and did business with his uncle. But in my brothers heart and mine, I cant let go of my fathers case. Its the greatest thing to make clear for my fathers wrongs. Over the years, my classmates and I have said the most things is that my fathers life and death are uncertain, and there is nowhere to find his bones. My greatest wish in my life is to lay a grave for my father.

China Business Daily: The 16-year case has finally come to light. Are you relieved in some ways?

Deng Lin: Not to mention relief, I wrote a paragraph late on July 1, which is a complete portrayal of my body and mind in the past half month - June 17: saw a small video of the excavator entering; June 18: hiding a heavy mood, calmly busy after a days work, rushing to catch the last bus; June 19: suffering, collapse. June 20: Painfully unable to breathe, angina pectoris; June 21: in addition to lying in tears is up to receive, unable to think; June 22: tears to respond to every caregiver, unable to think; June 23: doubts about the world and life, unable to think; June 24: just want to stay alone, but afraid of a person; June 2. 5: unable to think; 26 June: meeting the first follow-up in life; 27 June: sleepless night of talking with Beishengguang (journalist) all night; 28 June: restoring thinking; 29 June: roof secret; 30 June: Zhijiang Airport; 1 July: tranquilly through a middle school campus... Who knows what Ive been through in the last half month?

China Business Daily: From the original family relocation to the present case, the truth is clear. Looking back on the 16-year psychological journey, what do you think?

Denglin: Sometimes I feel like I have no love, sometimes I feel that I should still have my own mission not completed. I have been looking forward to this miracle, just like finding my father is a miracle. The pit I saw on the spot was so big and so wide that it was a miracle. Sometimes I feel that the God of Fortune loves me very much, but it always makes me suffer more, after a lot of hard work, and then makes my heart stronger than ordinary people.

Journalists Notes

The dialogue between Chinese Business Journal reporters and Deng Lin lasted for more than an hour. Before that, there had been communication. The language gave people the feeling that it was very precise and logical. On the evening of Deng Shipings case, reporters also spoke to her brother. Although they probably knew that the remains were her father, they were still very cautious, because they had experienced too many disappointments, so they were extremely cautious and sensitive. In addition to talking about the case itself can say a few more words, other are concise, but can cause peoples resonance. For example, when summing up the 16-year history of blood and tears, he said, Only in adversity can we grow up and continue to strive for life after crying... Speaking of career, he said: My career is also a just cause, so it is also very hard to operate. Later, I will have the opportunity to come to Xian to talk about career and this long story. In her own words, the formation of this personality was first influenced by her father, but more by life. So many years of hard work have trained her logical thinking of telling the truth and putting the truth into practice, and at the same time formed her own unique perception of life.

At the end of the interview, she also advised reporters to follow four principles: safeguarding national interests; having educational significance for the nation; helping your career development; and protecting the privacy of my family and me.

Source: Responsible Editor of China Business Daily: Chengyu_NBJ11143