Far-reaching international futures violations of the Mainland exhibition? Investors lose money strangely

 Far-reaching international futures violations of the Mainland exhibition? Investors lose money strangely

According to Ms. Dai recalled that in September last year, she met Liu Mou, the so-called trader in Interest Investment Bar. Liu Mou claimed to be the agent of the great international futures market. She could take her to invest in the foreign futures market. She claimed that she had made hundreds of thousands of profits and never lost money. Under the temptation of huge investment returns, Ms. Dai provided Liu with her ID card and bank card number. Liu opened a trading account for her, and downloaded the trading software according to the two-dimensional code provided by her.

After Ms. Dais entry into the gold market, Liu Mou shouted to make crude oil futures on his own, totaling more than 700,000 yuan (RMB, the same below). Ms. Dai said that at first there were losses and gains, and then almost all losses. Watching hundreds of thousands of yuan of investment is about to drift, she doubted Liu Mou, and began to make their own bills. Later, I earned about 200,000 yuan, but on the night I could make it back, I made empty orders and tried to close them at 12 a.m. only to find that the software could not be logged in, which led to the loss of my original profitable list until all the money in my account was lost. Ms. Dai said.

Finally, all the entry and exit funds were calculated. Ms. Dai said that she lost about 250,000 yuan. Ms. Dai expressed her grievance at the loss caused by the inability to liquidate her position, believing that the platform party had the responsibility to compensate for the loss. As a result, she has reported the situation to the agent and customer service, but the platform side prevaricated with each other, and ultimately failed, customer service even blackened it.

Ms. Dais investment experience is similar to that of Mr. Wang. Last year, Mr. Wang met the salesman of Shenyang Hongye Investment Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Hongye Investment) who claimed to be a distant international futures agent on the Internet. Similarly, it is recommended that far-reaching international futures be used as external futures. Mr. Wang has earned about 150,000 yuan in gold. During this period, the operating software letter steward appeared chuck and could not close the position, which resulted in serious losses.

No Futures Qualification

It is unacceptable for Ms. Dai and Mr. Wang to enter the financial market for profit without knowing that they have suffered losses. Moreover, neither of the two companies has the legal qualification to operate futures business. Ms. Dai believes that such a transaction should be deemed invalid and that the platform should compensate her for all her losses.

So, is Far Big International Futures true or false? Is it legal to exhibit in the mainland?

The reporter learned from the Hong Kong Securities Regulatory Commission that in 2017, Yuanda International Futures Co., Ltd. was approved by the Hong Kong Securities Regulatory Commission to register as a licensed corporation (Securities Regulatory Commission Central No. BJQ086), engaged in the second and fifth types of regulated activities, namely futures contract trading and advice on futures contracts, mainly providing an international futures trading platform.

And the reality is that there are not a few platforms for developing foreign futures business under the far-reaching international futures signs in China. Reporters through Baidu search, we found several far-reaching international futures official website, the truth is difficult to distinguish. Among them, free account opening, ultra-low handling fee, investment invitation and other words are particularly striking, some even labeled domestic formal words. The reporter opens one of the official websites and pops up the QQ conversation window. Online customer service said that they are the regular futures companies approved by the Hong Kong Securities Regulatory Commission. Investors can open an online account by providing positive and negative photos of ID cards, mobile phone numbers, bank card photos and other information.

At home, all illegal foreign futures trading chains, because of underground transactions, there is no third-party supervision of banks and government regulatory authorities, the customers capital and trading behavior is tantamount to running naked. Reporters learned from relevant sources that at present, Hangzhou police have filed two cases involving far-reaching international futures. The police said it was inconvenient to disclose the progress of the case.

In addition, the reporter has repeatedly called and sent an interview email to Hongkong Far Big International Futures for inquiry on relevant information, and no reply has been received by the end of the receipt. So far, what is the relationship between Hong Kongs far-reaching international futures market and those companies that claim to be Far-reaching International Futures or their agents in the Mainland, whether they are Li Kui or Li Gui? We dont know.

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