Safety is questioned again. Low-speed electric vehicles with grey identity need to be shuffled urgently.

 Safety is questioned again. Low-speed electric vehicles with grey identity need to be shuffled urgently.

Although low-speed electric vehicles are known as time bombs, their sales are still showing explosive growth. It is reported that the low-speed electric vehicle market rose quietly in 2008. In 2009, the ten cities and one thousand vehicles project to promote new energy vehicles was launched in China. After that, with Hebei, Henan and Shandong as the center, a low-speed electric vehicle enterprise was established one after another. Although the low-speed electric vehicle has not received too much attention from the industry, it should respond to the saying unintentionally insert willows and willows into the shade. At that time, the development of the whole new energy automobile market was not warm, and the low-speed electric vehicle welcomed the blowout development in the automobile market with a broad attitude.

According to public data, the cumulative sales of low-speed electric vehicles in 2013 exceeded 200,000, and in 2018 the cumulative sales of low-speed electric vehicles in China exceeded 1 million. According to incomplete statistics from Beijing News, the number of domestic low-speed electric vehicle enterprises has exceeded 100. The industry conservatively estimates that by the end of 2019, the total number of low-speed electric vehicles in China will exceed 6 million.

In small and medium-sized cities and rural markets, low-speed electric vehicles are widely popular. On the one hand, because of their close price to the people, on the other hand, they are easy to operate, have few restrictions on their use, and do not need a drivers license; on the other hand, low-speed electric vehicles are easy to charge, and the 220 V power supply for household use can be charged without the need to build a separate charging pile. It has certain advantages of energy saving and emission reduction. In addition, the capital market has also been bullish on low-speed electric vehicles, Jinding Capital Investor Zhou Fan said that the main reason is bullish on specific scenarios of special tools travel mode.

Not only that, the quality problems of low-speed electric vehicles also have huge potential safety hazards. It is understood that most low-speed electric vehicles do not meet the requirements of motor vehicle safety technical standards, and most of the production enterprises do not have motor vehicle production qualifications; in addition, low-speed electric vehicles still have battery safety risks, collision testing does not meet the standards and other issues; coupled with the lack of industry regulations and standards constraints, resulting in the existence of low-speed electric vehicles. Great potential safety hazards.

In addition, low-speed electric vehicles have actually been drifting away from the gray area of state management, and there is no clear national management standard. In October 2016, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued Technical Conditions for Four-Wheeled Low-Speed Electric Vehicles. Low-Speed Electric Vehicle Enterprises expected to usher in a turning point, but did not expect to be finally nearly sentenced to death by a notice. On November 8, 2018, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and other six ministries jointly issued the Notice on Strengthening the Management of Low-Speed Electric Vehicles, which clearly stipulated that low-speed electric vehicles should be upgraded, standardized and eliminated in batches. It was strictly forbidden to increase the production capacity of low-speed electric vehicles everywhere, and required enterprises to suspend production from January 2019 until the release of national standards.

However, it is reported that there are still some manufacturers in the production of low-speed electric vehicles, low-speed electric vehicles actually still have a certain market, it can meet the needs of specific people in specific scenarios, while the low price and other characteristics have a specific attraction. So there are still manufacturers in the field of low-speed electric vehicles, said an industry analyst.

Faced with challenges, the industry may shuffle its cards

At present, the low-speed electric vehicle industry is in the stage of rectification. The mandatory national standard of low-speed electric vehicle will be officially issued in 2021. In this year or more, the low-speed electric vehicle industry is suffering exceptionally. At this stage, for the low-speed electric vehicle enterprises themselves, they need to find a good upgrading direction, products meet the industry standards, in technology, research and development, safety to the traditional car enterprises.

However, for low-speed electric vehicle enterprises, in recent years, they have a certain market share and sales channels in the rural market. From the perspective of development, this part of the market may still be an important position for low-speed electric vehicle enterprises in the future.

Zhang Bing, editor of Beijing News reporter Wang Linlin, proofread Liu Baoqing