Midday Review: Shanghai Index declined slightly by 0.02percent. Huawei Haisi led the rally.

 Midday Review: Shanghai Index declined slightly by 0.02percent. Huawei Haisi led the rally.

By noon, the Shanghai Index was down 0.02% to 2927.68; the Shenzhen Composite Index was down 0.02% to 9196.86; and the GEM Index was down 0.01% to 1517.69.

Plate: Military industry, electronic semiconductors, chip concepts, tourism and other sectors led the increase, while automobile, artificial meat, mobile games and other sectors led the decline.

Peripheral situation: U.S. stocks closed up and down on Tuesday, with the Nasdaq closing 0.54% higher and the Dow closing flat. As of the close: the Dow fell 0.08% to 26783.49; the NAI rose 0.54% to 8141.73; and the S&P 500 rose 0.12% to 2979.63. Most of the big technology stocks ended up, with Apple and Google up 0.6% and Neifei, Amazon and Facebook up more than 1%. Popular stocks in China rose by almost 12%, Tiger Securities and Fortune Securities rose by more than 7%, Interest Stores rose by 6.48%, Weilai rose by more than 5%, Xunlei Securities and Loans by more than 4%. Noahs wealth continued its decline of more than 2% yesterday.

News: 1. Central Bank: DR001 is at a low level recently, but still higher than the excess deposit reserve rate. 2. Securities Regulatory Commission: In the pilot of the registration system of science and technology innovation board, we should strengthen the sharing of regulatory information among relevant market entities and improve the joint punishment mechanism for dishonesty. 3. China Tonghao and other 9 new stock companies are bidding today. 4. The SFC issued warning letters to 6 IPO queuing companies, such as Jurong Ningwu and Jiaman Apparel. CPI announced today in May and June, with an increase of more than 2% year-on-year or four consecutive months. 6. Shanghai Stock Exchange reported that the integration of the Yangtze River Delta has important news: to build a world-class airport cluster, Nantong New Airport will connect Shanghai through the North Riverside High-speed Railway and the Coastal Corridor. 7. According to the report, Huaweis self-developed operating system Hongmeng will be announced. 8. Foreign banks reappeared tens of millions of fines and Italian Yuxin Bank Shanghai Branch was fined 10.3 million. 9. The first half-year report of the two cities came out, and the net profit of ST rock in the first half of the year decreased by 46% compared with the same period last year.

Shenguang Finance and Economics said that the Shanghai Index contracted sharply and slightly this morning, while the weighted stocks such as banks, insurance and infrastructure fell collectively, showing weakness. Huawei Haisi concept stocks rose against the trend, leading the two markets, Chengmai Science and Technology rose and stopped, the defense industry sector was active, leading the rise. China Satellite Communications and Aviation New Technology stocks rose and stopped. Software sector rose against the trend, Shida Group and other three stocks rose and stopped, Kechuang Group raised the tide of the bid, Netda Software and other five stocks rose and stopped, chicken farming, cement fell ahead, yesterdays soaring car, fluorine chemical industry, soybeans and other plates fell ahead, hot spot rotation speed is too fast, no sustainability. Looking from the market performance, the high blue-chip white horse collectively fell, the short-term stock market may enter the callback period, we cautiously copy the bottom, patiently waiting for the stock market to stabilize.

Jufeng invested Gu that the heads of state of China and the United States at the G20 summit restarted negotiations to stimulate the opening of A shares in July, and then the market rose again into adjustment. This week, 21 shares in the companys stock market concentrated on subscription, the failure of the Feds interest rate cut expectations led to a rise in risk aversion in the global market, and investors worried about performance landmines during the period of intensive disclosure in the mid-term report, which led to a sharp drop in A shares on Monday. On Tuesday, the market rebounded weakly, and on Wednesday, the market continued to shake weakly. It is worth noting that there will be nine new venture boards bidding today. If the market can stabilize and rebound, it will support the psychological level. It is suggested that investors avoid the subject stocks with excessive short-term gains, and focus on the relatively backward types of blue-chip stocks in the broad market and the companies that are benchmarking the company.

Source of this article: Netease Financial Responsibility Editor: Yang Qian_NF4425