A Spanish criminal gang has been smashed up and targeted specifically at Chinese people.

 A Spanish criminal gang has been smashed up and targeted specifically at Chinese people.

According to Europa. com, the city guard recently destroyed a criminal gang in Seville, Spain, most of which were Moroccan and targeted at some homes and shops. Six people were arrested in the operation.

According to the Andalucia Information Network, although only six people have been arrested recently, the local polices investigation and crackdown on this problem began in February 2019. At that time, the police learned that many Chinese families and shops had been burglarized. Judging from the method of committing the crime, there should be a professional criminal group. Boy, specially for Chinese people.

Police said that in all theft cases, the perpetrators focused on the safe and cash register. Generally speaking, criminals do not pry the door directly, but use special tools to climb up the floor of the house and destroy the windows of the house to enter the room. During the three-month investigation period, the police slowly identified the identity of the theft offender and grasped the composition of the group and the relationship between them.

Subsequently, the police found that the Moroccan criminal group not only stole houses and shops, but also robbed some residents and passers-by. In the latter case, members of the Moroccan criminal group would choose to cooperate with the Spanish.

When the police finally confirmed the acts and identities of the criminals, they decided to launch an arrest operation to kill them all. In addition to the successful arrest of 6 criminals, the city guard also searched various sites harboring criminals, and found about 2000 euros in cash, a large number of jewelry, perfume, theodolite and so on. All stolen goods found by the police have been returned to their original owners, but there are also many stolen goods have been sold phenomenon, it is difficult to recover. During one of the searches, a revolver and a shotgun of the gang failed to escape the eyes of the police. In addition, about three kilograms of concentrated marijuana were seized.

Police revealed at the release meeting that the six criminals arrested included Moroccans and Spaniards, the youngest of whom was 29 years old and the oldest was 53 years old. Police have prosecuted several people for violent theft, violent robbery, infringement on public health, private arms collection and gang crime, but only two were eventually sent to prison successfully.

Source: Luo Chongwei_NB12082, Responsible Editor of China Overseas Chinese Network