Severe husbands force their wives to divorce their wives: leave after their wedding anniversary

 Severe husbands force their wives to divorce their wives: leave after their wedding anniversary

In September July, Jin Mei was feeding her husband porridge in a hospital in Hebei Province. After a day of deadlock, she finally failed to overcome her husbands hunger strike and agreed to divorce. Jinmei knows that the treatment of leukemia is a bottomless pit, but she also understands the helplessness of her husband who forced her to divorce. Although the husband and wife are the same birds in the same forest, they fly separately in the face of great difficulties, but Jinmei is sentimental and meaningful. In order to let her husband cooperate with meals and treatment, she can only temporarily promise to divorce, provided that the last wedding anniversary is over. Now, with three months to go before the wedding anniversary, and how long will the Golden Rose plan last, she believes that after the bone marrow transplantation, her husband will surely change his mind.

Jin Mei, 30 years old, lives in rural Yibin, Sichuan Province. When she was young, she was the object of many boyspursuit. However, when she treated Jin Mei with extreme caution, she never easily entrusted her sincerity. Until 2009, she met Zhao Chunlin, who was two years older than herself. Although Zhao Chunlin was not outstanding in appearance, she had a very good personality. Honesty and honesty, coupled with two years of volunteer service in the army, make Zhao Chunlin stronger and more courageous than his peers. After three years of love, they decided to marry and stay together for a lifetime, but this was strongly opposed by Jin Meis parents.

Although both Jin Mei and Zhao Chunlin were born in the countryside, Jin Mei was the only child in the family and had good economic conditions. However, Zhao Chunlin brothers and their parents were ordinary peasants and their families were not well off. Golden Meis parents naturally opposed this seemingly door-to-door marriage, but the gap between rich and poor was very large. However, Jin Mei, who is intoxicated in love, does not care about these things. In October 2012, she received a certificate with Zhao Chunlin without hesitation. She did not have a car, a house, a lottery or a decent wedding ceremony. The couple only spent 180 yuan to take a wedding photo in the registration office. Zhao Chunlin promised Jin Mei that she would have money to take a group of beautiful pictures for her later. Wedding photos.

Shortly after marriage, her daughter was born, Jin Mei took her baby full-time at home, Zhao Chunlin worked in a factory with a monthly salary of about 3,000 yuan. Although they did not live well, they saved and saved, and nurtured this hard-won happiness bit by bit. However, when her daughter was one year old, she suffered from pneumonia and had to be hospitalized every month to take medicine, which made Zhao Chunlins meagre salary more inadequate. This lasted for three years. Although her daughters condition was greatly alleviated, the annual cost of taking medicine had already made the family unable to make ends meet. So, after Jinmei and Zhao Chunlin entrusted their daughters to their grandparents, they came to Guizhou to work for a living.

The younger couple planned to learn a craft, so they came to a noodle restaurant in Guiyang to learn how to make noodles. After three years of learning, the younger couple took 560,000 savings to open a noodle restaurant in their hometown. From then on, they lived a stable life, but nobody expected that Zhao Chunlin, who had always been strong, fell ill at this time. In late March this year, Zhao Chunlin suffered from severe throat inflammation and neck lymphadenopathy. He went to the county hospital for examination and found abnormal blood routine. He went to the provincial and city hospital for examination. The result was confirmed as acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Leukemia is a horrible word that Jinmei had only seen on TV before. She never thought her husband would suffer from this disease.

Golden Mei can only serve her husband when her father-in-law takes care of her daughter in her hometown. Doctors say that if she only relies on chemotherapy to maintain her survival rate, only 20% will survive, while bone marrow transplantation has 80% hope of treatment, which can cost more than 500,000 yuan. Golden Mei really can not afford it. All of this, Zhao Chunlin is looking at, Jinmei married him these years did not have a good day, which makes him very guilty. He regretted marrying Jinmei extremely, and now he is ill. Instead of continuing to drag Jinmei down, he might as well divorce early and leave his burden. With Jinmeis character and appearance, it is easy to find another family. Good family, start your own life again.

However, Zhao Chunlin persuaded Jinmei to divorce again and again, but they were resolutely refused. Zhao Chunlin not only suffered from illness, but also suffered from inner guilt. From the day before yesterday, he refused to receive treatment, nor did he eat anything, in an attempt to force Jinmei to divorce in this resolute way. In order to avoid aggravating the illness, Jin Mei had no choice but to promise first. She was afraid that her husband could not be stabilized by oral promises. In order to delay some time, she put forward a divorce condition: she must cooperate with the treatment, and wait until October, when the last wedding anniversary is over, she will not regret each other, so she can. Divorce.

Jinmeis seemingly cold response finally reassured Zhao Chunlin, who began to resume eating and treatment to ensure that he could survive until October. After seven years of marriage, every anniversary has been very poor. This year, Zhao Chunlin wants to make up for the deficit as much as possible. He has to fulfill his promise to take a set of wedding photos with his wife. For Jin Mei, she didnt ask for a lottery when she got married, and she hasnt had a good life these years. Even if she flinches now, no one will blame her for her ruthlessness. But one day, the couples 100-day grace, curing her husbands illness, is Jin Meis persistence for the rest of her life, she wants to find ways to raise money for bone marrow transplantation to save her husband.

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