It was against the law to wear a swimsuit a hundred years ago when Kentucky Bean was in good shape on holiday.

 It was against the law to wear a swimsuit a hundred years ago when Kentucky Bean was in good shape on holiday.

Another set of bikini + half skirt, a little more chic and romantic

In short, beauty is a word!

When it comes to hot summer, I want to run to the seaside. Recently, more and more female stars have chosen to go to the seaside for vacation and sunbathing suits are fashionable. In fact, swimming is not so important for girls, the important thing is that swimsuits must be beautiful!

And the style of swimming suit is good, so it can also make the best of its strengths and avoid its weaknesses, and wear a supermodel figure. So the question is, which styles are worth buying this summer? Lets follow Sister Yi to have a look.~

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Yesterday He Sui sunned his beautiful vacation photos, a black swimsuit super-absorbent

Is this Mermaid Ben Fish?!

Although the front looks very ordinary, but there is no holes in turning around. The U-shaped big back design is super amazing, which perfectly explains what is a high-level sexuality.

Jiang Shuyings printed swimsuit looks even more charming.

The one-piece swimsuit is the most unfitted style, because it has a lot of cloth, which can perfectly cover the abdominal fat.

Girls with wide shoulders or short necks can choose Zheng Xiuyans V-neck swimsuit, which visually makes the neck look longer.

Blue-striped swimsuit from: Ted Baker

Rebas neck-hung swimsuit is the most basic style, recommended to the more conservative sister paper.~

One of the greatest benefits of swimsuits is that they dont waste money because they can be worn everyday, not just by the sea.

It can be worn alone.

Xiangu is beautiful and beautiful with a black deep V swimsuit and pants in the same color.

It can also be worn as an inner lap.

Zhong Chuxi wears a Versace classic Baroque printed belt shirt with a printed swimsuit, coupled with cool high-waist leather pants, the overall shape is rich and stylish.

Qi Wei uses a black coat with a fluorescent green swimsuit to cleverly embellish the overall shape.

If the swimsuit is a simple pure-color style, you can choose a slightly more complex and design-sensitive item with the lower half of the body.

If the swimsuit itself is very eye-catching, just match the lower half with a simple denim or solid color single.

Gao Junxis high waist can perfectly cover up the most meat belly, reveal the abdomen which is not easy to grow meat, at the same time, it can improve the waistline and lengthen the proportion of legs. It can be said that there are many advantages.

Because the high-waist swimsuit has a retro flavor, it works wonderfully with the elements of grid, wave point and stripe.

Band Bikini

Usually keen on body maintenance of sister paper, at this time do not be shy, good body of course to show, Panya this tie triangular bikini, is a sexy sharp weapon.

When resting on the beach, you can wear a thin coat, which can not only protect the sun, but also make the overall shape look less over.

Hundred Years of Evolutionary History of Swimwear

So far, swimsuits have evolved over a hundred years.

At the end of the nineteenth century, swimming became popular and gave birth to the first batches of swimsuits.

The swimsuit was conservative, like wrapping dumplings, armed from head to foot, and wearing lanterns or stockings. Heavy canvas or flannel are often used for cloth, because even if it is wet, it will not show the body curve.

It was only slightly better in the twentieth century that it became such a skirt. Although it now looks no different from the clothes worn out everyday and is not waterproof, it is a great improvement over the flannel of the nineteenth century.

In 1907, Australian swimmer Annette Kellerman was arrested by the U.S. government on charges of overexposure for wearing a swimsuit that exposed her arms, thighs and neck.

Later, because the swimsuit at that time was really not suitable for swimming, the modification of the swimsuit was put on the agenda. Although it was still very conservative, it could at least expose the arms and thighs.

Still, there are rules. At that time, there were swimsuit policemen on the beach to check whether the length of womens swimsuits to their knees was appropriate.

It was not until 1946 that the first bikini was finally born.

Designer Louis Rieder of Paris named after Bikini Island, which has just become famous for its nuclear bomb test explosion, because he thinks it will shock the clothing industry like an atomic bomb explosion.

With the first crab eater, bikinis slowly became popular.

In the 1960s, pioneer designer Rudi Gernreich designed a super bold swimsuit, named Monkini, to protest against the conservative culture of the time.

The lower part of the body is girdled shorts, the upper part has almost nothing, only two straps in front of the chest to form a V word.

After monokini, bikini returned to its normal state. Designers mostly wrote articles on materials and patterns, which gradually became what it is now.

Looked at so many, which style of swimming suit do you like best? Quickly choose one of your favorite, beautiful to give yourself a summer vacation!

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