Benitez: I have more meetings in Dalian in seven days than in Newcastle in three years.

 Benitez: I have more meetings in Dalian in seven days than in Newcastle in three years.

Millennium Culture and Tradition

First of all, of course, language. All the foreigners we meet tell us how difficult it is to learn Chinese. When I saw Chinas national documentary on the plane, I was shocked by many characteristics, including Chinese respect for elders and teachers. Chinese calligraphy is almost an art. It takes a lot of learning to write accurately and quickly. Since I came to China, it has been attracted by peoples writing.

As Spanish says, Another World, I hope to continue to learn about it and share it with those who want to know about our experience in China.

A warm welcome


Before the training and competition, I also found some challenges that I had not met in other countries where I had worked or visited. When you go abroad to coach, although there will be translators, you can usually speak directly to your team because you can speak their language, or they can understand your language. But obviously its not the case in China. Most players and people around you dont understand what youre talking about, and you dont understand what theyre talking about, so you need to be accompanied by translators at any time, even to point out the smallest mistakes in training. And not only me, but all my assistants also need translators, so sometimes I joke with Newcastles media friends that it looks like a comedy scene of the Marx brothers, surrounded by so many people!

language barrier

So far, I have met with staff in charge of the new training ground, team managers, Jersey managers, drivers and, of course, translators with me. The most complicated thing in my daily work is the training course. Although we have only trained five times at present, every explanation and correction of errors in each training need translation. As I said before, not only I, but also all the members of my coaching team need translation. At present, we have three translators, and we are still looking for more translators, because it is very important for us to get help in this respect.

So, instead of talking about my new experience in China, Ill conclude by talking about my first game as coach.

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