Supporting work in the South China Sea? New U.S. Maritime Combat Ships based in Singapore

 Supporting work in the South China Sea? New U.S. Maritime Combat Ships based in Singapore

Reference News Network reported on July 10 that the U.S. Navy dispatched coastal warships to Singapore.

A U.S. Navy coastal warship has arrived at Singapores Changi Naval Base, according to a U.S. news website on July 9. The U.S. military said that this is an important part of the Freedom and Open Indo-Pacific Strategy pursued by the United States.

The U.S. Navys independent class Montgomery coastal battleship docked at Changi Military Port on the 6th and began receiving local media boarding interviews on the 8th.

Captain Colonel Edward Rosso said that the first overseas deployment of the Montgomery was in the important Indo-Pacific region, and he was honored and responsible for it.

The picture shows the U.S. Navys Independent Class Coastal Combat Ship

Reported that the independent-class coastal warship is a new type of warship specially designed for shallow sea operations in the United States, with strong navigational mobility and operational flexibility. Major General Tinch, commander of the U.S. Navy Logistics Departments Western Pacific theatre, said that the presence of U.S. troops in Singapore not only highlighted the presence of U.S. forces in the region, but also provided an important platform for U.S. maritime security operations and regional security cooperation, and enhanced the ability of U.S. forces to engage in joint operations with partner navies.

The Freedom coastal combat ship arrived at the Changi Naval Base in 2013, becoming the first US warship to be stationed in Singapore in recent years. But a year and a half after the completion of the rotation of the third coastal warship in November 2017 and its departure from Singapore, the U.S. military has not sent warships to replace the rotation deployment at the Changi Naval Base.

Observers said that the disconnection of Singapores warship stationing program may be related to technical equipment and personnel training problems in the U.S. Navys coastal combat ship program.

Reported that in the past few years, the Singaporean coastal warship has provided important support for the U.S. military to launch various operations in the South China Sea.

Reported that the U. S. Navys coastal combat ships stationed in Singapore usually last for one to two years. In the coming months, Montgomery is expected to launch a series of maritime safety projects, including upgrading its maritime capabilities for several partner countries in Southeast Asia.

Source: Responsible Editor of Reference Message Network: Yao Wenguang_NN1682