Maria Carey opens up the new generation of diss stars: naked every now and then

 Maria Carey opens up the new generation of diss stars: naked every now and then

Netease Entertainment reported on July 10 that Mariah Carey had been relentless about the overnight celebrity. In an interview with the latest issue of Cosmo magazine, she politely diss these people.

They dont know what Ive been through since I was a child to sign my first record contract at the age of 18, Kelly said of todays pop stars and netizensways of becoming famous. At that time, there was no video platform for you to sing to the public. Many artists say they write their own songs, but thats not the case. Theres no intention of offending anyone, but thats what I saw. Kylie Tucao some girls often reveal the meat openly at the same time, also said no intention to offend.

Speaking of todays MV, Kelly lamented, People are no longer willing to spend 2 million to shoot an MV anymore. Anyone can shoot a video.

Kelly has African, Venezuelan and Irish ancestry. When she grew up on Long Island, her parents divorced and her family was in distress. People didnt know that my family was very poor at that time, she said. When I was a child, I always wanted to have a wonderful Christmas, but it was always difficult. My brother and sister will make a lot of noise and spoil the festive atmosphere when they come back to where my mother and I live. I just want to have the best time.

Kellys wish finally came true. This year marks the 25th anniversary of the release of her song All I WantforChristmas Is You. It is estimated that the most popular holiday song in modern history earned her more than $6 million.

At the New Years Eve concert in 2016, Kellys earphone broke down and she refused to sing along with the accompaniment track, resulting in a performance accident. If people think its the worst thing Ive ever experienced, they dont know much about my acting career, Kelly said. Who would really be surprised after so many things? These things happen, and the past is gone. Real fans will support me and others will overcome this problem.

Source: Netease Entertainment Responsible Editor: Jiang Siqi_NBJS8579