Mildewed Caribbean vacation arrangements are not evading the aftermath of copyright battles

 Mildewed Caribbean vacation arrangements are not evading the aftermath of copyright battles

Netease Entertainment reported on July 10 that after several days of upheaval over copyright rights with famous music broker Scooter Braun, pop star Taylor Swift flew to the Caribbean with a group of her good girlfriends for the National Day holiday, foreign media reported.

It has become almost a tradition for Swift to invite friends and old childhood friends from his circle to hold celebration parties at his home in Rhode Island every American Day in the past few years. But since 2017, she has been keeping a low profile and no longer throwing big parties. Last year, she and her boyfriend Joe Alwyn went on vacation to the Turks and Caicos Islands. After the copyright dispute, Mildew left the United States for overseas holidays and was suspected of intentionally avoiding the circle of right and wrong.

Taylor likes sunny holidays, and the Caribbean Islands is one of her favorite resorts. She has been there many times before, said a person familiar with the matter. Her vacation on July 4 was scheduled for a long time, not to get rid of the aftermath of any dramatic event.

On Wednesday, July 10, after a public affair with Braun and Scott Borchetta, the former record company owner, Mould will make his debut at the Amazon Golden Day Concert in New York.

At the end of last month, Mommy, 29, was outraged when she learned that Braun had bought Big Machine, a former record company, for $300 million and copyrighted six of her albums. She posted a long microblog on her personal social networking website, accusing her of bullying others for years. Her anger sparked waves in the music world, and many stars, including Justin Bieber, Demi Lovato and Hershey, stood in line with their own opinions. People around him said that Mould had no regrets for publicly provoking disputes. Taylor didnt care whether she would make enemies or whether all Skutters friends supported him. She knows his intention and why he did it. She also has friends who support her. She was confident, and she wanted to say,Braun may be strong, but he cant scare her at all.

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