Korean Football Master refused to invite all over North Korea: I just want to go to Europe to cut my salary.

 Korean Football Master refused to invite all over North Korea: I just want to go to Europe to cut my salary.

Korean Sports Daily reported that the 26-year-old Huang Yizhongs biggest goal is to play in the Premier League, even if the pay cut, also want to play in Europe. At present, clubs from Germany, France and Portugal all want to introduce him. Some European teams have seen Huang Yizhus performance and called him a striker with unique personality. His ability to grasp fighter planes and run in front of the door has been praised.

Last season, Huang Yizhu scored 16 goals in 27 appearances in the J League and became the Korean football player in 2018. In addition, from October to June, 2018, Huang Yizhu scored seven international A-level goals for the Korean team in eight months, showing excellent scoring ability, which eventually attracted the attention of European clubs.

Huang Yizhu renewed his contract with Osaka Steel Ba at the beginning of this season. Although his annual salary has increased substantially, there is a note that Huang Yizhu can be taken away as long as a team offers a transfer fee of more than 2 million euros. At present, Osaka Steel Bar ranks 14th in the league, naturally does not want Huang Yi to leave the team, but if the opponent bids 2 million euros transfer fee, the steel bar can only watch Huang Yi help.

However, the article also said that the good thing is that Huang Yizhus goal is Europe, and although the transfer fee of the European League has already ushered in the era of 200 million euros, few clubs will spend 2 million euros to introduce an Asian player. Players who have excelled in the J League will basically travel to Europe for a transfer fee of less than 1 million euros, which is too high for a transfer fee of 2 million euros.

In this regard, some experts said that in order to improve the possibility of transfer, Huang Yizhu must reduce his salary. In this regard, South Korean international Lee Jae-cheng is an example. Last summer, in order to play in Europe, Lee Jae-cheng eventually cut his annual salary by half and joined German Euro-B team Kirgustin with a transfer fee of 1.5 million euros.

Source: Netease Sports Author: Qiao Mais Responsible Editor: Xu Zexin_BJS4919