General Administration of Radio, Film and Television: Always keep high pressure on water flooding dramas, high film pay and other issues.

 General Administration of Radio, Film and Television: Always keep high pressure on water flooding dramas, high film pay and other issues.

On July 3, Comrade Nie Chenxi went to the Teleplay Department of the State Administration of Radio, Television and Television to conduct a research on the theme Never forget your first heart and remember your mission. Comrade Yang Civilization, deputy head of the 15th Central Steering Group, made a joint investigation.

This survey focuses on the theme of High-quality development of TV dramas and planning of key TV dramas for celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China, listens to reports, watches exhibitions, and talks with film reviewers and cadres of the Television Drama Department to gain in-depth understanding of the situation.

Nie Chenxi pointed out that since the theme education of never forget the first heart and remember the mission was carried out in the General Administration, the Teleplay Department has focused on the general requirements of twelve characters and the specific objectives of five sentences of the theme education, and has made solid progress in all aspects of the theme education work in accordance with the arrangements of the Party Group of the General Administration. Since the 18th National Congress of the CPC, the CPC Central Committee, with Comrade Xi Jinping as its core, has attached great importance to literary and artistic work, including TV plays. The TV Drama Department has studied and implemented General Secretary Xi Jinpings important expositions on literary and artistic work, made great efforts to strengthen the guidance and control of TV drama creation, and a large number of excellent works have emerged.

At present, the development of TV series is in a critical period of optimization and upgrading. Faced with new situations, new problems and new challenges, we should not slacken our thinking at all. We should better combine thematic education with professional work, make use of the opportunity of thematic education, constantly create new brilliance of TV plays, and better serve the overall situation of Party and state work. First, we should further strengthen our political consciousness, focus on keeping the initiative and assuming the mission, and make good guidance and produce more excellent products. We should not only grasp the day-to-day but also focus on the key points. We should closely adhere to the main line of celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China. We should provide comprehensive dispatching guidance and timely and dynamic adjustment to ensure the launch of a number of high-quality products. Secondly, we should further enhance the awareness of problems, focus on finding gaps, grasping implementation, tackle disorders and consolidate achievements. Aiming at the problems of waterflooding dramas, palace fighting dramas, remake dramas and high salaries of actors, the bottleneck crux has been deeply excavated and high pressure has been maintained all the time. Third, we should further enhance innovation awareness, focus on improving the mechanism and system, and strive to establish a long-term working mechanism. We should not only dare to grasp but also manage well, constantly improve the degree of organization of major creative production, and constantly improve the scientific level of management, regulation and guidance.

Yang Mingming affirmed the effect of combining theme education to promote the high-quality development of TV series. He demanded that TV drama department further develop theme education. Firstly, we should further strengthen our political stand, firmly hold the political orientation of TV plays, so that TV plays can better disseminate the Partys ideas, and at the same time, we should also make people better accept the latest theoretical achievements of Marxism in the new era through TV plays with strategies and methods. Secondly, the root of TV drama creation is deeply rooted in the people, so that more TV drama works eulogize the great heroes of the people, and promote the creation of TV drama to the peak. Thirdly, we should strive to improve our theoretical accomplishment and make a thorough understanding of the Secretary-Generals important ideas and expositions in all aspects and do a good job of propaganda and interpretation through TV plays.

Members of the fifteenth guiding group of the Central Committee, comrades in charge of the general office of the General Administration and the Party committees of the organs shall participate in the investigation.