Japanese entertainment mogul Hido Kawakawa died and trained Idol Kimura and other idols.

 Japanese entertainment mogul Hido Kawakawa died and trained Idol Kimura and other idols.

Johnny Hitoshikawa (NHK)

Johnny Hitoshikawa (NHK)

Overseas Network, July 10 - At 4:47 p.m. local time, the chairman of Jennis Firm, Johnny Hidaochuan (Japanese name: Hidaochuan dilatation), died of subarachnoid hemorrhage caused by rupture of cerebral aneurysm at a hospital in Tokyo at the age of 87.

According to Japanese media such as NHK TV and Sponichi Annex, Johnny Hidokawa was rushed to hospital by ambulance on June 18 because he was ill. For several days, famous Japanese artists came to visit him. Japanese media said that he was a great leader in Japanese entertainment industry, and the news of his death would have a huge impact.

It is reported that Johnny Hidachuan was in a coma for almost three weeks in hospital. On the afternoon of the 9th day, his condition suddenly deteriorated sharply and he was in critical condition. At the end of the day, his family accompanied him and died as if he were asleep. Its vigil was held by the artists of Jennis Firm in the form of family burial. A farewell party will be held after that.

Toyama Jis Mourning for Johnny Hidokawa (oriconnews, Japan)

He is our father, Japanese actor Toyama Ji said on the 10 th television program. He is very kind to us. He is the first person in the entertainment industry. We will inherit his spirit and go on optimistically in the future.

Jennis Firm (Current Affairs News Agency)

Johnny Hidakawa was born in Los Angeles, USA. He came to Japan with his family when he was young. He returned to the United States after World War II to spend his teenage years. Johnny Hidakawa came to Japan again after the Korean War. In 1962, he formed the male star group Jennis and set up Jennis Firm.

Jennis Firm is a famous artist brokerage firm in Japan. Japanese media reported that it was a time when male idols were much neglected, but Jennis Firm trained a number of national idols for Japan, including SMAP portfolio (Takashi Kimura used to be a member of the portfolio), Lan (ARASHI), and other famous artists such as Guang GENJI, Guan 8, Hey! Say! JUMP, Yamashita Zhijiu and so on. And the combination, are also subordinate to the Jennis Firm.


Johnny Hidakawa handles numerous idols. There are 45 mainstream Japanese portfolios, about 166, and the derivative portfolios are almost uncountable. The annual revenue of Jennis Firm exceeds 100 billion yen (about 6.2 billion yuan), which is called Idol Empire.

Rolling broadcast of the death of Hitoshikawa in Shibuya, Tokyo (NHK)

As soon as the news of Johnny Hidachuans death was announced, there was a voice of regret among netizens in China and Japan. Japanese netizens have left messages saying, He has trained the idols of the times, but also established an era. He is destined to be a historical figure. If it hadnt been for Mr. Johnny, that would not be the case in Japanese entertainment today. Thank you for your hard work. These idol groups, these songs, are memories of my youth. Best wishes for you.

Japanese netizen Long Wen mourns Hidakawa (Yahoo Japan screenshot)

Xiduochuans death ranked first in the microblog hot search on the morning of the 10th. Chinese netizens lamented, An era of Jennis has passed. Thats what I learned from the Jennies group. Theres no such thing as a banquet. Its a good way to go. Thank you for bringing us such a good idol group. Janice is my youth. (Overseas Network/Wang Shanning)

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