Hangzhou 9-year-old girl was taken away by the tenant police: the suicide girl was not found by the tenant

 Hangzhou 9-year-old girl was taken away by the tenant police: the suicide girl was not found by the tenant

After investigation, Zhang Zixin, a 9-year-old woman from Qingxi Village, Qiandaohu Town, Chunan County, was taken away. At 6:30 a.m. on July 4, tenants Liang Mouhua and Xie Moufang lied about taking their children to Shanghai for a wedding drink and took Zhang Zixin away from home. On July 7, the children were not brought back as scheduled, and then lost contact. In the early morning of July 8, Liang Mouhua and Xie Moufang committed suicide in Ningbo. The girls whereabouts are still unknown. The case is under further investigation.

(On July 4, Zhang Zixin, the monitor of the high-speed railway station, appeared)

(On July 4, the monitor beam and Xie Liang appeared at the high-speed railway station.)

Zhang Zixin is 130 centimeters tall, slightly fat, with long hair and braids, and red-rimmed glasses. According to video tracking, Zhang Zixin, Liang and Xie appeared on July 7, 23 at the entrance of the Golden Coast Hotel in Songlanshan Tourism Resort, Xiangshan County, Ningbo. Zhang Zixin wore a white green dress and grey sandals on the same day, and no children were found after that.

(On July 7, three people monitored the scene.)

If the public knows, please call 110 immediately or contact Ni officer 18268191901 and Hu officer 18958192961 of Chunan County Public Security Bureau. The police will award up to 20,000 yuan to those who provide valuable clues.

Recently, a picture of a person seeking an announcement has been circulating wildly in the circle of friends.

Today, the reporter contacted Zhang Jun, the father of the child, who had been working in Tianjin and had rushed back to his hometown the other day.

Its all the old people at home. If I were to be fooled by them, I would not be fooled by them! Zhang Zixin, a 10-year-old, sophomore, was born in Qingxi Village, Qiandaohu Town, Chunan County.

At the beginning of the month, two people came to rent a house and rented a single room. They didnt come to live in the first few days. After three or four days, the tenant couple said to the old man that they were going to Shanghai to attend a friends wedding. There was a lack of flower children at the wedding. They wanted to take her to see their daughter grow lovely.

At first, the old people did not agree. The main tenants moved in. They were not familiar with it at all.

Mr. Zhang said that the two tenants used various methods to trick the elderly, such as taking the children out for a trip, or whatever. Finally, the children were taken away by the couple on July 4.

The next day, the couple sent many videos to their childrens families via Wechat. The family also chatted with the children videos and promised to bring the children back on the 6th.

At 2:00 p.m. on the 7th, Mr. Zhang contacted the other party again and asked why they had not brought their children back. When the other side said they were playing in Ningbo and couldnt get tickets for the high-speed railway. Mr. Zhang said that he could drive to take care of the children by himself, but the other side refused.

At 6 p.m. on the 7th, the other side sent a message: the charger was broken, the cell phone was running out of power, and it would not arrive at Qiandao Lake until 90 p.m.

Then, the phone was shut down all the time.

Mr. Zhangs family called the police. He learned from the police that the couple had never been to Shanghai at all. They had been to Ningbo, Zhangzhou, Fujian, Wenzhou and other places.

At present, the local police have filed a case.

Source: Responsible Editor of Urban Express: Li Wan_B11284