My stepmother is eight years older than me. How do I accept her?

 My stepmother is eight years older than me. How do I accept her?

I was shocked and naturally unacceptable. I cant accept my fathers remarriage. I cant accept that the wife hes looking for is only a few years older than me. I just went home after graduation, and after staying for a while, I found that the price could not stay. So I looked for a house and moved out. I didnt find a job during that time. All the money I saved for renting the house was from my college years.

After moving out of the house, my father came to me and explained to me why he remarried and why he married a woman so much younger than him. But I still couldnt understand them. Wang Xuan had come to me without telling my father. She didnt say much. She just told me that my father had been silent at home since I moved out. He didnt want to move out and stayed at home all day.

Wang Xuan looked in his eyes and was anxious in his heart. I dont know why, I could see that she really took pictures of my father. I used to think that she was so young and so light. Marrying my father would definitely draw something. But I really didnt think that she was really thinking about my father, taking care of his body and his three meals.

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