How can I win the heart of a beautiful designer when I have a crush on her?

 How can I win the heart of a beautiful designer when I have a crush on her?

In fact, at the beginning, I still had a little doubt about the decoration company. After all, these years, the market on the decoration company evaluation is not particularly good, if I have time is absolutely impossible to leave such a big thing to others to deal with, I am with such a semi-doubtful attitude and contact them, let them decorate my new house.

But I dont know how to express it, nor how to say how I like her. In the past two weeks, the house is almost at the end of its work. Li Mei is about to finish her task. There is no relationship between us except this house. Think of this, I feel very depressed.

So I intend to summon up the courage to tell her what I really feel. But in the end, she refused me, saying that she just took it as a job and had nothing else to do with me. I was disappointed to hear her say that, but I still feel that my vision is very good. She is such a conscientious and responsible person. She treats her work in a very attractive way.

Now, my house has been renovated. It looks like my dream home. But now there is no hostess, although I failed to express, I will not give up. I cant do it once or twice, and Ill stick to it all the time. I believe that one day she will see my sincerity and feel my sincerity!

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