Wonderful Story - Love Without Deafness (New Legend)

 Wonderful Story - Love Without Deafness (New Legend)

Lao Lin is the main source of earning money at home. When the quarry closed down, Lao Lin, who is deaf in his left ear, could not find a satisfactory job. He had to go to the construction site to do odd jobs, and his income was much different from that before. Lin Tong, the son of Lao Lin, is fifteen years old. He is somewhat depressed when he sees some changes in his family. Lao Lin had to summon up his spirit to persuade his son that he had no worries. As long as he read the book well, he could overcome any difficulties. Lin Tong nodded his head as if he knew nothing, but there was a trace of melancholy in his eyes that did not match his age.

Early that morning, Lao Lin rode his broken bicycle to the construction site, riding far away, as if he heard someone calling him. Lao Lin turned around and saw Lin Tong standing helplessly in front of the gate, looking at himself and stopping.

Old Lin turned around and stretched his right ear before he heard clearly. Lin Tong said that he had reported to the extra-curricular remedial class and had to pay a 1,000 yuan remedial fee. Speaking of money, Lao Lin is a little distressed, because there is really no extra money at home, so he told Lin Tong emphatically that his academic achievements depend on himself and it is not important to go to cram school. However, Lin Tong hesitated to say that if he did not apply for remedial classes, his academic performance would not keep up.

Looking at Lin Tongs grievance, Lao Lin felt ashamed. His son asked to study voluntarily. He could not support it. I heard that some teachers will take a hand in class and keep their focus and essence in tutorial classes. Thinking of this, Lao Lin bit his teeth, went into the house, took out the only money and gave it to his son.

However, just one month later, Lin Tong told Lao Lin that it would cost 500 yuan for the teachers to let the students buy the textbooks together. Lao Lins salary hasnt been paid yet, so he had to tell Lin Tong if he could borrow some textbooks from his classmates to save the money. Lin Tong blushed and said that he didnt want his classmates to laugh. After that, tears were coming out.

After this incident, Lin Tong did not ask Lao Lin for money for a while, and he buried himself in reading and writing all day, which made Lao Lin quite happy.

Lin Tongchang was so old that he had never seen his father in such a big fire, but he still stood there stubbornly, motionless, with his head bowed. Lao Lins heart moved, suddenly understood what, asked: You want to go to work, is it because of lack of money to spend?

Now its Lao Lins turn to be surprised. When he asked carefully, he realized that the head teacher didnt organize everyone to visit the city at all. Another chat, Lao Lin also learned that Lintong did not attend any remedial classes at all, nor did the head teacher ask the students to buy any extra-curricular textbooks.

In the evening, Lin Tong came back in full swing. No sooner had he entered the house than Lao Lin asked him loudly where he had gone. Lin Tong insisted that he and his classmates had gone to the city. Lao Lin could no longer suppress his anger. He raised his hand and slapped Lin Tong.

The beaten Lin Tong seemed to know that he had made a mistake, bowed his head and said nothing. Old Lins voice trembled with anger and asked Lin Tong, You told Dad, what on earth did you do with the money?

Lin Tongs eyes were red. He carefully took out a box from his pocket and handed it to Lao Lin. He said that all the money had been spent on it.

Lao Lin took the box and opened it. It turned out to be a hearing aid.

Lin Tong said, Dad, I dont want you to lose an ear for me. I took all my pocket money I usually saved, but its still too bad. I think you cant spare it unless you use reading as an excuse.

Before Lintongs words were finished, Lao Lin held his son as tall as himself and choked silently. For the first time, Lao Lin shed tears in front of his son.