Find someone who loves you for the rest of your life

 Find someone who loves you for the rest of your life

Three months ago, Xia Lu returned to Xian from Beijing, which was the result of her long thought.

Having just graduated last year, Xia Lu went to Beijing with her blood. She was lucky to find a good company when she went there. She learned a lot from the company and met many friends who were in good company. My boyfriend, Tianyu, wanted to be a graduate student in a university in Beijing, but he did not go there at last. He stayed in Xian and became a designer.

All the family members said that Grandmas illness was not serious, so that she could work without distraction, but she thought about it and proposed to leave the company.

As soon as she got home, Xia Lu packed up some clothes and went to Grandmas house. She accompanied her for a few days.

On Saturday, Xia Lu had planned to take the early bus back to her home, but she suddenly came to her aunt. She was frustrated to send Tianyu a message that she could not eat together at night. Tianyu seconds asked about the situation. She knew that it was because of stomachache. Tianyu asked the address of Grandma Xias home, saying that she was asked to send her some brown sugar by running errands.

But the person who came in held her straight. She looked sideways. It was the sky. She was frightened and opened her eyes wide. She stuttered and asked him how he came. Tianyu smiled and said, I want to see you!

Xia Lu suddenly became nervous, because since Tianyu had come to her room, she must have seen Grandma and Grandpa. She immediately sat up and asked Tianyu in a low voice to say hello to Grandpa and Grandpa.

Xia Lu pasted the warm palace stickers brought by the sky, hid behind the sky and went to the living room. Grandma and Grandpa looked at them with a smile. Xia Lu blushed: Grandma and Grandpa, this is my boyfriend, Chen Tianyu.

Xia Lu finished drinking the brown sugar water that Tianyu had made for her, packed her luggage, took Grandpa in her arms and went home with Tianyu.

Chapter 3.

Xia Lu thought that Tianyu was driving her directly to her home, but she didnt expect the car to stop downstairs.

Tianyu looked at her and said, Youve been back for a few days. We havent had dinner together yet. What do you want to eat? Ill make it for you.

When she got home, Xia Lugang was just going to put on her apron and play a trick on Tianyu. Tianyu quipped, Goodbye, in case you burn it, its still me who works hard.

They were college students. After watching several movies together, Xia Lu volunteered to confess. After falling in love, Tianyu never said how much she loved herself, nor did she send a photo of two people in the circle of friends. At first, Xia Lu was not happy.

Later, after a long time together, she realized that the people who really love you will put love into action.

Xia Lu is allergic to spring willow catkins. Tianyu always wears a mask when she meets her.

In the past few years together, Xia Lu really felt favored. She could be herself in front of the sky. She could be coquettish and capricious. The sky always doubled the love she received back to Xia Lu.

The most touching thing in a relationship is that he always cares about your feelings, inadvertently for your good, maybe not worth mentioning in the eyes of others, but for love is very important.

Previously, always wanted to talk about a vigorous love, tired of snoring words, later found that the real long-term love is with the people who love themselves, really loved.