Lei Jiayin derailed Toolia? The original sentence solved the biggest problem in marriage.

 Lei Jiayin derailed Toolia? The original sentence solved the biggest problem in marriage.

Counting the few interactions that Ray Jiayin and his wife have exposed, it seems that they are proving that their emotions do not need anyone to put a beak on them.

At that moment, it was not a desire for life, but an instinctive denial.

In the hit drama Junior School, Lin Daweis Wang Sheng husband and wife seem to be the epitome of many marriages and families. Wang Sheng-man peeks at Lin Daweis mobile phone and finds out that there are pictures of womens underwear.

I have a good friend:

So he followed the personal profiles of several boys to their school and tried to use the school system to find out their majors and school numbers.

Always inadvertently, mention a boy, trying to cheat the reaction of his girlfriend. But his girlfriend was tired of his repeated temptations and eventually broke up.

Afterwards, he believed for a long time that he had caught his girlfriends fault and sighed that he was wise, but found that his girlfriend had not started a new love affair.

How I wanted to be close to you

Your heart and eyes and ears are not destined for each other.

Fear of tragedy repeating my hit

In fact, I love you again, whats the use?

In The Life of the Abandoned Pine, Pine mostly likes to make a grimace from childhood, because her father left more care to her sick sister when she was very young, which led to her never feeling emotional stability.

Do you love me, love me?

Will you be happy if I make faces for you?

Pine nuts always decorate the house with magnificence and warmth to cover up her inner weakness.

But when she really struggled out of her emotions, she no longer kept her figure, lived in the garbage dump, and wrote on the wall, Im sorry to be born, she had accepted her fate calmly.

In fact, pine nuts, who were owed love in childhood, have been searching for love all their lives.

She doesnt know how long the other person will love herself.

Any love full of uncertainty is like a surge under the traceless sky.

Why does love hurt, because when the mirror of trust is broken, even the circle has cracks.

1. Uncertainty about whether you deserve to be loved

He has not been trusted, but has never trusted himself.

2. Uncertainty about whether you can love for a long time

There are two good sisters in Hong Kong opera Single Love and Two Cities. One of them is Huang Qiying. She is ambiguous with many men. When she decides on a relationship, she thinks that the other party has a bad career, bad personality, too many muscles and too dark skin. All the nothing to look for made her a bad woman who played with her feelings in the eyes of others.

In fact, she was afraid of betraying her partner, of herself, who had never maintained a long-term relationship, and this time she could not avoid vulgarity.

It is her self-doubt and self-anxiety rooted in her heart that she dares not expect to pay for herself, promise to the other side, and love that cant start and end well.

3. Uncertainty about how long each other can love themselves

How long will he love me this time? Has he changed his shirt to meet his new lover? Is he... is he...

So she repeatedly tested her boyfriends emotions.

At last, they were not married, and their boyfriend realized that they could never cross the barrier in their hearts, so it was better to let go when they were together.

But girls, please be sober, love, no one is whose salvation, can make oneself strong, but only you.

We are uncertain about each other, ourselves and the future.

Wed rather think about the worst first, in order to protect ourselves from falling too hard in case I really get hurt.


It doesnt matter if someone wants to say it, it will be all right. I care.

When Zhu Yawen was on a variety show, he was asked to coax the princess to hold the female guest. He said frankly that this was not good. Im married, my wife needs security.


Is there anyone willing to tell me: you are seen, I understand you.

When Yue Yunpeng became famous, he thanked his wife and often exposed his family life. His wife did not have the beauty of a female entertainment star, but she was hurt by Yue Yunpeng.


The most romantic thing Ive ever seen is a man of science who studies architecture. Every time he was assigned to move bricks on the site, he would send a picture of his wife with a specific gesture before the site.

He said it was a sign he and his wife understood, meaning Im on the ground, with you in my heart. There are hundreds of pictures of the same gesture on his wifes mobile phone, albeit somewhat numb.


You might as well calm down and think about whether you are really so awkward or whether you are really panicked.

2. Recognize your inner uncertainty and face it with your partner.

If trust is lacking, honesty is the best assistant.

3. Love yourself before you love others.

Give yourself trust, whether its learning to improve or inner self-cultivation, to challenge what you want to try but dare not try, please save yourself more success energy.

I can learn to bake, I can teach myself how to manage money. I dare to try everything I want and face everything that may happen.

Let positivity and self-confidence become your upward force, and let your heart be full and powerful.

I wish you hand in hand, facing the wind and rain, to uncertainty this emotional killer, head-on attack.