Lin Zhiling calls on her friends to donate goods and sell handwritten Thanksgiving cards.

 Lin Zhiling calls on her friends to donate goods and sell handwritten Thanksgiving cards.

Goods on sale

On Sunday, July 10, Netease Entertainment reported that Lin Zhiling held a charity charity sale for the benefit of her sister and good friends. At this event, Lin Zhiling gathered many friends, including Xiao S, Guilun Magnesium, Chen Qizhen, Huang Ziyi, Wu Jianhao, Tang Qiyang and other artists to donate their clothes generously. Ornaments, for love.

The charity sale began at 11 a.m. on that day, but many fans were gathered at the entrance of the venue before the event started. This charity sale is very popular and customers are in a continuous stream. Lin Zhiling has always had the habit of selling charitable calendars and personal clothes. In this charity sale, Lin Zhiling not only participated in the whole planning process, donated hundreds of clothes and accessories, but also handwritten Thanksgiving cards to thank friends who supported this public welfare. At the event site, there are also free scalp health testing and free free clipping services. The staff also prepared snacks. They are considerate in all aspects and have a warm atmosphere. Ultimately, nearly 100,000 RMB was raised from the charity sale on that day, and all the proceeds will be donated to Zhiling Sister Charity Foundation without any cost. It will be applied to the medical treatment and education of the disadvantaged children in the rural areas, so that more seeds with unlimited creativity and dreams will have a chance to germinate and thrive.

In recent years, Lin Zhiling, who has made great achievements in her personal career, has gradually shifted her focus of work to contributing positive energy to society. In 2011, Lin Zhiling established the Zhiling Sister Charity Foundation. Later, in cooperation with the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation, she launched the Nesting Action - Zhiling Sister and Childrens Home project. Up to now, the Zhiling Sister and Childrens Home has completed the donation work of ten schools in remote areas. Every year, Lin Zhiling visits children in primary schools in Sichuan, Yunnan and Inner Mongolia, and visits the situation of preparation, checks the progress of construction, and carefully cares for the growth of children.

It is reported that Zhiling sisters charity sale will continue on the first Sunday of each month. I hope more and more friends will join in and pass on more kindness and beauty together.

Source: Netease Entertainment Responsible Editor: Jiang Siqi_NBJS8579