Thank you for your 75 minutes

 Thank you for your 75 minutes

Escudero is of Argentine origin and was born in Spain, but grew up in Japan. With better physical condition than the Japanese, Escudero, who loved football from an early age, entered the U15 echelon of Pu and Red Diamonds, and a year later, he was promoted to the first team of Pu and Red Diamonds for competition.

As a result of his growing up experience, Escudero, who has European body and appearance, can speak Japanese perfectly, and as a football player, when he was 18 years old, Escudero got Japanese nationality and became a naturalized player. Today, he still plays in Japans J League and plays with Kyoto Undead Birds Club.

Last week, Escudero traveled with the team to Mittle, but lost 1-0. In the hotel, he tossed around sleepless, picked up his cell phone and entered a series of numbers, then pressed the dial button. Shortly afterwards, several crisp knocks rang. Escudero opened the door. She once stood in front of the real girl, who was stored in the deep of the computer hard disk at night for countless times. The girl was an actress named Marina.

After a night of clouds and rain, the haze in Escuderos heart swept away...

The next day, Marina was editing her words on her cell phone like a neighbors sister. Recalling the passionate collision that night, she always made the deer bump in the girls heart. The Yanwen words in Marinas essay could also express her mood.

Send -

After pressing the confirmation button, Marina and Escudros brief time was permanently recorded in words and stored in the blog of the custom store.

Escuderos Japanese name is King of Race

When Escudero returned to normal life and training, a message popped up on his mobile phone made him look foolish.

A Spanish-born player in Kyoto called Custom Service at the Waterhouse Stadium!


How was it discovered?

Escudero started the news nervously, and he was surprised and delighted by the scene in front of him - blog screenshots of custom stores.

Short two pages of text and lovely expressions perfectly record his unforgettable night with her dream:

The last brother, thank you for playing with me in the hotel for 75 minutes.

My brother is a Spaniard. He usually lives in Kyoto. He is a professional football player. After knowing this, I became nervous in an instant.

What a professional player! Ive never had such an experience, and my brother said that he was still a loyal fan of my movies. Before coming to me, he saw many of my works and liked them very much. I was really happy and shy.

Escudromes second degree is omitted here, with 200 words of extreme three vulgar descriptions.

For the first time, I was very nervous with my foreign friends, but my brother actually spoke better Japanese than me. I was very happy and very happy.

Thank you for staying with me so late.

It was supposed to be a private tryst, because a few key messages were immediately recognized by the fans, Escudero could not argue. Some fans joked that Escudero scored two goals in overtime that night to help Kyoto reverse successfully.

Japanese media coverage of the incident

The incident exploded on the Japanese internet. The Kyoto Club rushed out to acknowledge Escuderos unprofessional behavior after the match and immediately suspended the match internally. No comment on the incident or other penalties was forthcoming.

However, to make Escudero more anxious, it is not how to explain to the club at work, how can the wife at home pass this pass, maybe enough for him to kneel on the washboard for a period of time.

* Note: There is a tradition in Japanese customs that women write thank-you notes to guests after service.

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